Friday, July 29, 2011

more progress

its amazing, Ralph and i decide to work 12 hour days 6 days a week for the rest of the summer and bam... I'm getting more quilting done than i had in the past 3 months where we were only working 30 or so hours a week!

I have been spending time in the morning in my sewing room. I have an island that I've turned into an ironing board with all of my works in progress laid out on it and each morning i pick something and start sewing. The last couple mornings its been this:

A few more rows and a border and i will have another flimsy! This is the twin size for Wesley. I finished a baby one for his brother Waylon a few weeks ago.

The plan is Sam's club tomorrow for some stuff for the store, i will be able to get batting there for at least one of them... that's a maybe though, usually when we go to Sam's i end up blowing my personal money on "oh one more thing for the store so i can prolong the next trip to Sam's one more week" type thing. Sam's is a 45 min drive from here... the only exciting thing is we get to go to my favorite Mexican food place for breakfast... mmmmm.... the breakfast choices here stink and the Mexican choice is really not that good, although that is what we eat most mornings. so tomorrow i will get a GOOD breakfast burrito!

Went to a yard sale today.. the only one in town. She wanted 2 dollars for her shirts... nope way too much even though i really loved a few of them. I did end up getting an orange plaid for 50 cents because it had a stain on it and i talked her down. i can cut around the stain. I have a few orange and yellow shirts... I'm thinking i need an orange quilt soon... I'm going to find a few more before i decide what I'm doing with it. I have a daughter and a daughter in law that i haven't actually started quilts for... it would be for one of them.

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