Thursday, July 28, 2011

flimsys everywhere

I finished the shabby striped top... i just need to buy the batting, i had enough for the backing or the batting but not both the last trip i made to town... so i bought the backing fabric, its a blue and brown floral and i bought matching binding, im really not sure if i like it for this quilt,  but because i dont have alot of quilt cash right now i may just go ahead with it... hopefully this weekend we will get to town again and i can get the batting.

i really really do love this quilt and it is going to be hard to give it away. Ralph isn't too fond of it, so he will be glad, he says its boring... but its so pastel and so scrappy and so... shabby... i love it.

OH OH OH (imagine me doing my best horseshack imitation... yes im dating myself) I have another dump find!!! We dont have garbage service where we live, so we take it to the dump in town, the dump guys are cool (they call it a "transfer station" because the garbage is trucked off somewhere and im sure they prefer to say they work at the transfer station than say i work at the dump or at least thats what they say when they call and order a pizza to be delivered) anyways.. im getting off the subject. When they get stuff in, if its in pretty good shape, they will pull it out and someone like me will wander up and ask to take it, lydia and i have rescued numerous plant stands, bookshelves and little wheeled carts from the dump in the past... they are little treasures that we get for FREE! Well i had to deliver a pizza to eddie the other day and in the recycled can pile there was this wire basket!!! i was almost too excited to ask if i could have it!!! but eddie said yes of course!!! but isn't this a cool basket???

its a locker basket, i remember putting my stuff in them at the public pool when i was a kid!!! this is number 306 from somewhere.... a few years ago i saw some at an antique store and i wanted them so bad... the store wanted 20.00 each for them. But isn't this a GREAT basket????  for free!!! weeee!!!!

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BaileyGirl5 said...

Love that quilt top .... it's so sweet! I think once you get it together you'll like the back and binding. They always jell when they're sewn and quilted. Love that basket too! What a super find at the "dump."