Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Baby Yet

they went to the hospital again yesterday. She keeps having contractions that are 5 minutes apart. The hospital is 45 minutes away so they go... but each time they stop the contractions and send her home because shes not dilating yet. So... still no baby.

They left the 3 yr old wesley with us when they went. Boy howdy can that boy throw a fit because his mamma isn't here! We finally got him settled down and he ate pidda (pizza). When we had to go to town we took him up to travis' and bridgette watched him until they got home. It was cool pulling into their driveway, trevor and landon were outside and they came running up to paw paw and mimi all excited about a butterfly net they had. lol we have 3 three year old grandchildren! (2 of them step) How cool is that? They all three are all boy too... just cute as can be. Wesley couldn't say my name, so he started calling me mimi (that is what faith called me when i used to watch her) so a bunch of little boys running around calling me mimi is neat.

We did the cowboy poetry show last night. We always do two shows of just poets calling in and reciting during cowboy poetry week. We had 24 call in last night. those shows exhaust me more than anything. We dont do alot of talking but i look up each number and then have to keep a full switchboard straight. There is also no break where i can walk around or take my eyes off the computer... just one caller after another. We are doing one again wednesday night. I like doing the shows, but will be glad when that one is over! lol.

I said the other day we had alot of stress. Well... one of the big ones is between the store and home we had almost 1200 in light bills. We had a slow weekend and we almost didn't make it. that was stressful but we pulled it all together and im not sitting in the dark. Today i have to deal with sales tax. I screwed that up and now we are behind. I am working on getting payment arrangements on it, but im having trouble getting two of the peices that they need to request that. I also have to deal with food issues, we cut our order really short to make the light bill, now i have to figure out what i need to get by till i get my next food order. So... have solved one problem, still have several others brewing that i need to deal with.

I have faith that we will make it thru all of this.

I have today off to go to lufkin, ralph and i work tonight... so have to get my day started!

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