Thursday, April 15, 2010

Does Not Live Well With Others

That disclaimer should be printed somewhere on me. I really don't live well with others and currently im living with my boyfriend, his adult son, the son's pregnant girlfriend and her three year old child. Now, one person, i can usually handle that, life gets into a rhythm and you can overlook those things they do that annoy you because you know they are overlooking the things you do that annoy them! What im having a problem with is the young family that lives here. It is not comfortable for me. They are great people, and i love them to death... i just wish they didn't have to live here!

If i had to go into what they do that bugs me, i would sound petty listing them... its more the compilation of the parts that is just driving me insane! For me its the kitchen, i clean up after them everyday and when they do clean up, they dont do it the way i do it so its almost as annoying as them not cleaning up. I realize for them thats a damned if they do damned if they dont so i dont say anything. I just clean the kitchen how i want it every morning, i can usually get it done while im cooking breakfast. For Ralph its the laundry, he does all of ours and he hates sharing a washer and dryer!

We both have a problem with them at night, i rarely get a good nights sleep either because they have friends over or are coming and going late at night. Last night at almost midnight i was still awake listening to them and their friends ignore the 3 yr old who should have been in bed.

I dont know... maybe the problems we are having with them is just a diversion from the real problems we should be worrying about. Ralph and I are both pretty stressed out about some financial decisions we have to make and its easier to be mad at them.

the problems were facing are all taxes.. you name it if its a tax we owe it right now and were sorting thru what we actually owe and how to pay it. I have faith that we will make it through this. We knew it was coming and we were just trying to get on top of it before it all hit the fan... but it seems like it is hitting all at once. We have spent a year avoiding it... time to face it.

That is what i have to do tonight... sort thru it and figure out what to do about it all. I work the day shift, ralph the night shift... so if the younger people will cooperate i will have all night to spread it out on the table and figure out how bad it really is and what to do about it. I guess that is the first step.

This morning, other than clean the kitchen... i see that buck left me three more pair of jeans i can cut up... im going to do that because its mindless and i can think thru this as i do it. Then off to work 10-4... then home to sort thru paperwork.

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