Sunday, April 18, 2010

Doing Nothing

It is hard to not do anything! I decided yesterday to forget the todo list and do nothing all day. That is tough! lol. i did clean the kitchen and sweep the floors... but other than that i played on the internet and ralph and i had a john wayne festival.

We need to pay the tv bill... after we pay the electric. We only have DIY network and there is only so much of that one can watch. I do like that the satalite company leaves one or two channels that aren't infomercials on when they cut us off! to entertain ourselves... we borrowed catys game system and watched movies. It wouldn't play the ones i wanted to watch, so we watched old john wayne movies all day. The bill will get paid when it becomes a priority. (which tv is rarely a priority around here... other than yesterday who has time)

I accomplished what i wanted. I feel rested and rejuvinated today. I really was exhausted from two weeks of a busy schedule. I start another crazy schedule this week. Im working alot of hours to reduce the labor costs at the restaurant so we can get caught up on some bills. Didn't help that this weekend was really slow.

Oh, i also started the order sheets for the store... see, it really is hard to do nothing!

Today ralph is off horseshoeing before the rain hits. I have to open the store, he works the night shift. I may just work the double since he is horseshoeing and that physical labor is enough work for one day.

A guy on facebook posted that men should look at their women with amazement everyday. I like the thought. However... it places responsibility on men and there is some responsibility on us. Its hard for a man to be amazed by someone who is nagging them or who is snippy all the time, or a woman who doesn't value them. We also need to admire, respect and be amazed by the one we are with. Im not perfect at this one... although ralph is my hero and i find him absolutely amazing and wonderful, its hard not keep the stress of life from overshadowing that and you end up spending the day snipping at each other. Also... its about forgiveness, forgiving them for not always being your superhero and heaven forbid they might be human.

ok... time to get productive again and dive into my busy week. Hope yall have a blessed sunday.

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