Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A New Blog

I used to blog daily on myspace... but for some reason myspace doesn't have the appeal to me it used to... i think life has changed too much and a new blog to go with this phase of my life seems appropriate.

A little about me... Im 41, live in the pineywoods of texas. I own a restaurant, i do a live radio show three times a week... what i love to do and dont get to do very often is quilt. Life seems busy and a whirlwind most of the time.... i like blogging because it helps me sort through it all and I use it as kinda a diary of my life.

I live with my boyfriend, which is a long story... we have been best friends for 6 yrs. I dont have any children, but he has 6... thats enough for both of us. they are all grown and there are 6 (number 7 on the way) grandchildren. Although this part of our relationship is new, I have been a part of this family for the last 6 yrs.... i view the grandkids as much mine as they are his. The younger kids call me Mimi.

That is pretty much what life is about... and im sure this blog will talk about all of them.. the hopes and dreams i have for the restaurant, for our life, for the radio show we do and well, im hoping i can find time to quilt and post pictures of that... and make some friends along the way.

So... this quilting thing... that is why i started this blog....

right now im working on Christmas presents. I decided that i want to make all the kids and grandkids quilts over the next two years. This year im focusing on all the sons and son in laws and all the grand kids. Its alot of quilting! lol. (13 quilts this year) I am making easy ones, kinda easing back into the quiting thing for this year. Next year I will make 6 quilts for the daughters and daughter in laws. I plan on putting more time and effort into those next year.

For the sons and son-in-laws I decided to make them all the same. I am making a scrappy denim quilt (the kinds where the seams are exposed on the denim side, flannel on the back.) I am in the process of cutting all the denim squares for it. Im making them lap size so 10X14 6" squares. That means i need 140 squares for each quilt or 840 total denim squares. I am at the point where i am buying old pairs of jeans at yard sales... but im getting close.

The picture is about 400 of the denim peices i need. I have cut about 100 more since the picture! I have cut about 30 pair up so far, most were old jeans of mine and ralphs that i have been saving.

I decided the flannel back would be the same on all 6. the texas flag... mostly because i cant find adult masculine flannel around here, there are all kinds of kids prints, but what happened to good ole plaid flannel? Ok, so i havent figured out how to attach the star on the flannel side, but i will figure it out.

As far as the grandkids. There are twin girls who are 5. I have already made the tops for their quilts, i will finish them by tying them with embroidery thread.
There are 3 boys who are all 3 years old (one grandchild, two step grandchildren) I plan on making them all the same quilt and i found a pattern with blocks that are trucks and cars that i plan to use.

For the oldest sons 2 daughters i plan on making identical quilts. One lives in alaska the other here in east texas. I thought it would be a nice connection for them to have the same quilt. This is the block that i plan on using. I am using fabrics that i have on hand, one way to use up what ive collected with my fabric addiction!

There will be one more baby before christmas... havent decided what to make for him yet.

Well, enough for now... more later i guess.

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