Saturday, April 17, 2010

A day off

I get a day off, one where I have nothing planned! Its been a hard week, I have been leaving the house around 9 am and getting home around 10 for the last 6 days.

So... a day off with nothing planned... sounds wonderful.

On the other hand, one day off i often frustrate myself... there is so much i want to do and need to do today. here is my list of what i need to do one of these days off....

1. I desperately need to catch up on paperwork. Actually this will probably be the priority today since some tax reports are due Monday.

2. I need to unpack some boxes still from my move in December. This is also a priority since there are receipts and paperwork in them that we need to take to the accountant! It is also a priority to get these boxes out of the way so that i can accomplish the next one...

3. I want to have my storage unit cleared out by the 15th of next month, which means i have 4 weekends to get it done. I got the unit because i had appliances that the kids would need and no place to put them here. It was half a moving truck full of stuff. But Caty has taken the appliances, what is left is stuff i didn't think i would have room for and a bunch of restaurant stuff. I plan on getting one truck load a week, putting it away during the week and making room for the next truck load. Honestly, I need the spare bedroom that the kids are using but i think i can squeeze most of it into the garage... i just cant stand paying for my stuff to sit in a room somewhere else!

4. finish something in the house. The laminate floor isn't finished because the fish tank needs to be moved. (it is a gazillion gallon tank with one lonely fish in it) I would love to put more fish in it but it just doesn't seem like the best use of my limited resources... lol. But i do have to move it and im not certain where im going with it. Well, i see where its going to go when the house is finished, but we dont have living room furniture yet and that is a part of where it goes. but i need to move and clean it... that will be a several hour project. Other projects include painting the kitchen (but that would require us buy the paint today) then put up the tile backsplash, put molding up (but i need a new blade for the saw) so the fish tank is really the first priority on the house stuff.

5. I would love to take a load of junk to the dump. There are still construction materials out in the back yard from the renovation that need to be hauled off... but that is alot of physical labor and im waiting for a day where i can get help. Today isn't that day since Ralph is horseshoeing in the morning, when it needs to be done.

6. Spring cleaning... boy does this house need it. I will most definitely be avoiding this one today. I plan to do the usual cleaning... sweep the floors, clean the kitchen (its been a couple days since i touched it and ugh, it gets messy quick) I am a believer in flylady ( and i have my usual routines to keep the house presentable. That only takes a few minutes though. Maybe i will work on a plan where i can get these spring cleaning tasks done during the week, one task at a time.

7. Working on my quilts. Buck gave me some more jeans and i have to cut them up... i have been tackling this one pair of jeans a day.... I would like to start sewing the star quilt that im making Harley and Faith but the sewing machine needs to go to the repair shop, something is messed up with the tension... all i can work on today is cutting squares and i think i will stick to my one pair a day plan on that... so that is crossed off the list.

8. yard work... i would love to get on the riding mower and mow the yard, then weed eat and spend some time in the neglected flowerbeds... the mowing the yard, i think i will leave to buck... i need to buy string, gas and oil for the weed eater... probably wont spend that money this weekend... and the flowerbeds... they are a tad overwhelming... but... that would be a worthy project today!

9. I need to make some changes to one of our websites... we want to launch an idea we have... i really need to spend time on it so we can.

10. Organizing the ordering of stuff for the restaurant. We have 4 sources to get things and an order sheet for all of them is long overdue.

So i think that settles it... I'm going to clean the house (my usual routine stuff) then cook ralph and i breakfast, after that i will start tackling some of these things... paperwork, order sheets, the website, unpacking boxes and flower beds 15 min at a time until ralph gets home.... then i will take the truck and get my first load of stuff from the storage unit and put most of it away... then tonight maybe Ralph and i can do something together to relax and enjoy each others company... it seems like we're just ships passing in the night right now.

LOL... ive been having my fantasies of being a 'kept' woman... one who doesn't have to work and who has all the time in the world to accomplish these things. It really is just a fantasy... but one i indulge in occasionally when i feel a little overworked. I honestly don't have to work now... i could stay home and let other people do what i do... but i am too much of a control freak for that.

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