Monday, February 25, 2013

You are My Sunshine

I realized i never blogged about this finish!`

We made friends with Casey and her daughter Brailey who were regular customers at Zippys. Through horses and visits at zippys this little girl just warmed my heart and i decided i needed to make a quilt for her.

Seriously... how could you not fall in love with this girl. I think it was the purple shoe thing that made it an instant bond. One day she asked how old i was and i said the same age as your mom... she said my mom is too old to wear purple shoes but your not. lol. I had a pair of purple crocs on. She of course had purple sandals on herself... we were a pair!

and yes, she is as sweet and as mischievous as this picture makes her look!

So i made "You Are My Sunshine" for her. It is from 8 1/2 in squares with alternating white snowballs. The prints are a variety of pieces that i have bought over time. It is bright, and scrappy and happy!

This quilt sat in my pile of ufo's for a while because i just didn't like the background fabric i had chose. All i had was a green sheet that didn't really match. Then i found this. They were curtains or something and i bought them at the local resale shop for 2.00! I pieced them together and honest to goodness after piecing i only had a 10"X 12" square left, it was PERFECT. I now had a hot pink back for Brailey's quilt and that was exactly what it needed.

I quilted it on my home machine and used some striped fabric that is in the quilt. I wish i would have taken a closeup of it, there are lady bugs in the stripes.

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Molly said...

What a special quilt foe a special girl! I'm sure she will treasure it.