Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ralph has been productive!

Yep, we are moving forward with this hippy thing! We are living out in the sticks and i have been sewing my little old heart out and selling fabric (i had to ship to holland this week!) and ralph has started using his blacksmith skills to make things. We still haven't bought the forge... so hes limited on what he can work with but copper bracelets seem to be all the rage because he already has a store that wants to carry them! (we haven't even opened the etsy store yet for them because he thinks he is still practicing!)

I personally think he is amazing. These are from copper tubes and wire! We bought the alphabet and number stamps last week and ordered from online a border stamp... he is having FUN!
But... the real news is my computer keyboard is broken... i spilled coffee on it so it may be a week or so before i can blog again!

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