Friday, February 15, 2013

pretty quilting!

I have realized part of the problem with an etsy store. Its getting the listings in there! Yesterday I had a photo shoot with a bunch of things i have been stacking up to put in my store but haven't had the sunlight or time to photograph and put in the listings. I took over 200 photos! that means i have about 20 different fat quarters, pillow cases, old fabric im destashing, and table toppers finished to put on there... but just haven't gotten around to it yet! It wont sell unless i put it on there!!! right?

The good news is in the next couple days, there will be some vintage fabrics, old patterns and upcycled sheets, cloth napkins from vintage sheets and adorable table toppers on etsy... brand new listings!!

Here is a sneak preview of some quilting that i finished yesterday on one....

I do not normally quilt this heavy and i love the "organic" lines (yes, organic means they are far from straight! lol) I am loving the table toppers because they are small and im sampling some different quilting that i haven't done before.

I did manage to get all of those pictures taking while babysitting Tristan yesterday. I haven't had my little cowboy that much lately so we had fun. We of course had to visit with Cutter (our stud horse who loves the babies) 

that was the sweetest hug between a little cowboy and his horse that i have ever seen.

and of course what is cuter than a  little cowboy at the fence....

lol i just wish i could get his mother to give him a real haircut so he looked more like a clean cut cowboy! 

anyways, let me leave you with the favorite piece of destashed fabric that im putting on etsy... its so cute i had to share some. (no im not selling all i have)

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