Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The three finishes

Ok, I put off blogging about these because i couldn't get good pics... then i got the pics and forgot to blog. But here was my industrious weekend work (a few weekends ago)

First is the vintage sheet throw. This one is for sale in my etsy store. I made it from 8 in square blocks 64 of them. What i love most about this quilt is the back is a lavender piece of muslin sheet. Laying under this quilt on a warm day with the windows open while i was sewing the binding i was transported back to maw maw and paw paw McGraws house in the hills of west virginia. A summer night, a fan blowing over that cool muslin sheet... I loved those sheets. I am calling it springtime in a hammock because i can just feel it wrapped around me on a spring day sunning in a hammock, how sweet is that?

It measures 60X60 and has an 80/20 batting. I quilted it on my home machine. I used a green polkadotted sheet for the binding which is perfect!

Next is the baby quilt from vintage sheets. I chose 4 pink floral fat quarters for the back of this one and it turned out adorable. Again another simple one, i cut all my scraps into various sized squares, this happens to be the 4 1/2 inch scraps.  Again a green polkadotted sheet for the binding. 

Finally the men's shirts. These three shirts just went together so i made them into a quilt. I love the zig zag pattern and its a flash to put together.  The back is a green and blue plaid sheet i just happened to have and the binding is the plaid shirt used in the quilt. I think i will do more zig zags... i really like them.

all three are for sale in my etsy store. Click here to see more.

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