Monday, February 18, 2013

Mindless Piecing

I never really had an interest in making table toppers or things like that. I made BIG utilitarian quilts, but this etsy thing opens up a whole new world. Why NOT make some table toppers? they are cute, they are easy and they sell. What i didn't realize is how much FUN i was going to have making them and how in love i was going to fall with them.....

How could you NOT fall in love with this?

Let me see if i can tell you how this little gem came to be....

It started here. I wasn't in the right mind-frame to quilt the gigantic quilt, or put the borders on the 4 other quilts, or do some hst's for another quilt... i was in the mood for something much more playful. So I took out my 1 1/2 in squares and started playing. (i also accomplished sorting them by color and they are now in their own color bins... yes i have enough to make separate bins of my 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 in squares!)

I have a bin of these little 9 patches (actually 2 bins of 3 in 9 patches one with 4 white patches and one bin for these where i use 2 colors). I have plans for them someday so every once in a while i will just play in my 1 1/2 in  bins and make some more 9 patches. Well... as you can see 9 of them caught my eye because they were red and blue. I had those sitting out and saw the cutest little table topper in my mind and had to make it!

after peicing them... I had a blue picked out for another border and the back but i saw the white with litte red polka dots and the red and white striped and thought... nope... that is what it needs. I finished it up yesterday by hand sewing the binding while we watched a movie. 

Oh, i am also in love with the close quilting. Now... im not sure i would do the gigantic quilt im making in this but i do want to quilt a throw with it. I cant believe how much it shrinks it... this project is 12 1/2 X 13. I lost a whole 1/2 in in the quilting.

So... im now a fan of table toppers and small home decor projects. I did put this in my store for sale... its going to be SO hard to sell it.

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