Monday, October 22, 2012

My Flower Garden Finish

I wrote this blog at the begining of september and was going to post it once i took pics... lol but i never took the pics. I am posting it now for "the record"

This one is finally to the owner. I had to talk ralph out of it but it now belongs to Adrianna our daughter-in-law. They just moved in with their grandfather to take care of him and they needed a nice quilt to make the bedroom theirs.

the funny thing is i didn't take any pictures of my finish! so ... im posting unfinished pics.

Next trip up i will see if we can get it outside and take some pics... because i would like them for my sake!

I kinda felt like singing pomp and circumstance the whole time i quilted it. It feels like i "graduated from beginning quilting with this quilt. My seams match, my quilting doesn't have puckers. I "designed" it myself and i think my construction method was pretty smart. (not pattern needed ingenious, but more tutorial because there is a really easy way to make it)

It is scrappy but i actually "matched" fabrics for this one... and i did have a theme, all the fabrics were from my stash and they were botanical. It is a perfect quilt for fat quarters. There were some value decisions as well to maintain the Irish chain through it.

I did do two borders on this as well, a mustard and then a blue... it was really pretty but i dont have a PIC!

I did stall on the process because i wanted to piece some of my floral sheets together for the back, i do not like sewing big chunks of fabric together... if its more than 10 inches of fabric i just have no idea how to cut it square and straight and sew it together without it being crooked. So... the back isn't perfect. I guess the back is the one area where i got a C on my final grade... but i did make it how i wanted and i did pass the beginner class!

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Molly said...

Beautiful quilt! What a special gift for a young couple trying to make a home. It's so nice when you realize you've grown and acquired new skills as a quilter. Good going!