Monday, October 22, 2012

Another finish - baby boy quilt

I decided one weekend to try making something to sell. I made the quilt but i decided half way thru that i didn't want to sell it. I hated making something that i didn't know who was going to get it and i hated not "loving it" which being "generic" for someone to buy seemed unloveable to me.

I decided to donate it at the time... which made it loveable and i could finish it... lol update though, i actually kept it and it covers an old trunk in our bedroom so that Duke the dog can use it to jump up on the bed. Its perfect and goes great in the bedroom. I will have to make another for donation.

It is made from recycled striped shirts. I used the really soft yellow sheet that i love for the back (im almost out of it!) I decided not to donate it because after washing there was a small tear in the sheet and i had to patch it.. i couldn't donate it then! But i do  I love the softness of the colors with the dark blue pop.

again... bad pics but posting it "for the record" I have lost the camera cord in the move (again) and i cant charge the camera to take better pics! part of why i haven't blogged for the last month and a half... well that and we opened a restaurant... thats been a little crazy.

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