Monday, October 22, 2012

September Finish Travis Star

Another mid september finish (I had ALOT of time on my hands in september!)

I started this around christmas time so its about time i finished it. I carried it around with me for a while, but we were busy at work and I never got time to finish the binding. Yep... the binding has held me up forever!

This quilt is for Travis, one of Ralph's sons. It is from his mom and dads plaid shirts and I think the simple big star is perfect for travis!

The star is actually the back and the front is denim. I have 6 of these i have either finished or am in the process of. One for each of ralph's sons (and son-in-laws) This is finish # 4 of the 6. The denim is from jeans they gave me and jeans of their fathers. They are stained and i used those stains on purpose. This is a hard working family. Ralph horseshoes, Travis, Buck and Jonathan are linemen (repair electrical lines for the electric company) Chris is a helicopter mechanic for the coast guard, coleman at the time was in the coast guard as well (hes a college student now) Jess was in the army and now he paints houses. These were for them and i wanted the denim side to show their hardwork.

wow this camera pic is the ONLY pic i have of the star and ive already given it to him! again going to have to get better pics next trip home.

I really think this star is my favorite. They all were "experiments" or me trying to be creative and step outside of my comfort zone in my learning process. What i expect them to use these for is to take the kids to the pond fishing with them, keep them in their trucks for kids baseball and softball games... things like that.. to be used.

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