Wednesday, October 24, 2012

quilting without a plan

I finally posted the last three finishes. I didn't take pics and because of this i quit blogging... i miss it and i miss talking about my quilting "for the record" i actually do look over my blog to see where ive been, when i started something. So... I had to put those three out there without pics, too the world....

we have opened zippys number 2. I am really proud of us because we are getting some awesome reviews and it is doing well. We need it to do three times as well as it is but each week we can feel it growing. Now its a process of figuring out how to run a store up there from down here and how to grow this one.

The title of this blog entry is quilting without a plan because... i have been working a little here a little there. Again i have no quilt batting... so i cant finish anything. So im not worrying about the borders that i need to do on the granny square quilt or trevors quilt... im not worried about 4 other quilts i have ready to quilt... im just playing with fabric.

And its perfect for my life right now because i dont think it could get any more stressful and i dont think i could take one more thing, especially my hobby putting stress on me. So... im quilting without a plan, Ive started a mess of projects, not really going anywhere with any of them... Im cutting alot of fabric into my precut stash and as i do that im sewing them together on a few things that have been swimming around in my head. (i really dont have room for all the "bigger than a crumb too small to fold with yardage fabric" so its all getting sliced and diced to go in my precut bins.)

So here they are...

1. 4 inch plaids. I love my 10 inch plaid quilt, i wanted another with the smaller scraps. So im cutting the chunks of left over plaids into 4 in. squares and here and there im sewing 4 patches. Eventually i will have enough to finish it.

2. 4 inch stripes. i loved the shabby stripes quilt i made sharon (the pic in the far right of my header) so much, im cutting all of my stripe fabric into 4 in squares and im making myself a shabby stripe quilt (note... the baby quilt i made last month was from this stash, i like my shabby stripes alot! lol)

why 4 inches on these. Because all my scraps on the stripes and plaids were smaller than 6 inches. I had used them pretty hard for the shabby stripes, soar and lonesome dove on the plaids. So... cutting 4 inch was easy with the 4 inch ruler. My precut scraps are actually 2 1/2, 4 1/2 and 6 1/2 because they play better with each other. the 4 inch squares dont play nice and after i get enough for these two quilts i will quit cutting this size!

3. speaking of them playing nicely together, this is 2, 4, 6, 8... ok there isn't 8 in squares but there are 2 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch squares and you cant grow up in the 80's and not say 2, 4, 6, 8! (laverne and shirley please) I have been putting together a random size block here and there and add it on. The other day i sewed together what i have so far. I think its about 1/2 done right now. I was inspired by this quilt by Karamat

4. plus sign. I have two quilts i made with the X (or the plus on point) but they had white background. I keep seeing this quilt and i had to start saving my precuts for it and well, i started sewing the 3 pieces together. Im using all of my 4 1/2 in precut stash that i have 5 of... so it may take a while to collect. I think i figured i needed 125 sets of 5 and i have about 30. I dont know if i will make it a true charm quilt (only one plus of each fabric) but i am going to make it as scrappy as i can!!)

5. rainbow strings... one day i started playing with my strings and decided to start this one. Its a pain in the patutie but i love it and cant wait to finish it.... another when i get the urge i make a peice or two of it.

ok 5 starts in a month... lol and i say im stressed and dont have time to quilt! It really is my stress relief so maybe thats why im doing so much of it. we have been REALLY stressed!

Last month before we opened the store i did finish the three i posted about in my last three blog entries, i also finished the paw paw kisses of landons... but i will blog about that when i finish trevors matching quilt. I finished a top for a friends daughter (would finish that one if i could afford batting!!) I pieced the rows of dallas' soar, i just need to do the setting squares in the corners... easy peasy... i really should finish the flimsy on this one!

Oh and fabric swap! I was part of a swap last month I dont know if i even thanked sewsara!!! really the first of october has been a blur. But i got these 4 fantastic fat quarters from her, a bunch of scraps which i have already sliced and diced and used!!! and a adorable pin cushion! I love it.

I think i will wait a few months for things to settle down before i participate again, but i did enjoy my first "swap" experience!

phew... i got it all out there... this has been all cooped up inside and i couldn't blog because the pic thing was holding me up... i feel better now!

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Cille said...

The best stress reliever is quilting :) I like your projects... I find the quilts you start without a plan often ends up being the best quilts.

Francine Johnson McGee said...

I love your quilts! I do precut bins also. I also keep my eyes out in thrift shops, and sometimes I get lucky, especially in the small charity shops, as opposed to the big chains.

A couple of days ago I found a new charity shop in town (Snohomish, Wa), and they had a bunch of bags of precut squares and strips for $2.00 a stuffed gallon ziploc bag. Even I could afford that. They also had a couple of smallish pieces of batting, that if I put them together it will be enough for the plaid lapquilt I am working on, $2.00 for both pieces!

When desperate for batting I have used mattress pads purchased cheaply at thrift shops or given to me by friends. I guess that wouldn't cutit with the quilt police, but my family doesn't mind, or the friends I have given them to.

I destress by cutting mt favorite precut sizes.