Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just Three September

Ok, two posts in a month is pretty lame and i will try to post more since i have been working more on sewing.

First let me say I went to my first ever Quilt Guild meeting. It was the Tri County Quilt Guild (NW Harris, Montgomery and Waller Counties) I decided to go to this one because it is just down the road and well, their meeting was in 1 hour (lol i was looking yesterday after work for guilds in houston!)

I took my flower garden quilt to work on the binding which i didn't do because when i got there they ushered me thru signing in and what everything was and it was a "oh you brought show and tell" i said no, i brought it to finish binding... they said you HAVE to show it in show and tell!! (not like legally but as in please, we would love it if you did) so i did.... i was really nervous about this since i had to talk in a mic and i have no idea what i said when i said it... i STILL hate public speaking even with all the radio we did. People said nice things about it. It was bigger than most quilts in show and tell! lol I do make BIG quilts. 

I also won a door prize (no pics but it was a pin cushion and some fabric)!

I have wanted to join a guild for a while now for a few reasons. First like minded people, Second to learn new things and expand my horizons and finally... the charity work. I do like making my charity quilt each year and in a guild that is one of the things they do. 

I took a pillowcase kit and a quilt kit to finish (back, front and binding, they just need someone to finish it) for their charity quilts and pillow cases. 

I finished the pillowcase last night:

The quilt will have to be over a weekend

So... August Goal Check In... hmmm

1. finish the three quilts i brought to finish. Travis' star I haven't touched. My flower garden I finished all but about 3 ft of binding (it was the one i took to the guild meeting to finish!) and my granny squares... nope... no progress.

2. finish squaring up the blocks for soar! YES YES YES i am finally finished on this one and if its just a throw and not a bed quilt so be it, im not making any HST's for it anymore! lol.

3. Organize the sewing space. I did buy one bookcase and i get to buy the other two after we open zippys but there have been some delays on that.... I think it looks pretty good for how much stuff i have!

Now i did get sidetracked. It was almost as if i needed to start something to motivate again so I started You Are My Sunshine and the Striped Baby (both flimsys now)

September Goals:

1. Lets try it again but make it a bit simpler. Finish My Flower Garden and Travis' Star. All i have is a little binding on each and ive been working on them in bed before i go to sleep. I should be able to knock that one out!

2. Finish Landon's Paw Paw Kisses (I am actually almost done quilting this one) the baby quilt  and the charity quilt kit (These are both flimsys that have backs and are ready)... should be easy peasy. I can finish binding them in bed if i just do a little each night!

3. Ok, the harder one. I have You are My Sunshine (needs a back), Trevors Paw Paw Kisses (needs a border) and Granny Squares (needs a border and a back) I would seriously like to have all three of these ready for quilting by the end of the month (id like to have one of them quilted but im not pushing my luck... although i do have time this month we are still waiting for permits... so maybe!!) bout if i say this. I also have Dallas' Soar that if it distracts me im not going to stop it. I would love to finish it too!

one more.... i have a quilt in my head dying to get out. It is inspired by the folks who make western music, by mine and ralph's relationship, and a song by Wylie and the Wild West called True Love Travels a Gravel Road and the phrase in it "cotton dress world." I do love that phrase because i think i mentally live in a "cotton dress world" alot... that place where life is simple and innocent. (the more complicated harris county gets in this process of opening a restaurant the more i escape there!) The phrase just brings to me an image of this calico cotton dress i used to wear.  I am trying to figure out how to use a bunch of my small floral calico prints (me in my cotton dress) and some plaid (for my cowboy) Ive pulled my fabrics and they are lovely and it really took a bite out of my big chunk drawers so yeah... getting rid of stash!! I know it will be called Prairie Waltz because its dancing in my head but i cant seem to make the two elements dance together!! BUT... if i work it out i wont stop it either.. im going to run with it.

Sorry about the pic quality. they are from my phone, i cant find the charger to the camera I think we left it in east texas??? But i need to find it to take better pics.

I am linking up with Traceyjay's Just Three where you pick three goals for the month! Go check out the other pretty works!!

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Anonymous said...

what a lot of work you have gotten done!

Jenniffier Kramer said...

I am glad to see I am not the only one who made too ambitious goals. However, you did accomplish somethings so that is great. Good luck on your new goals this month!