Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OctoberQuest #3

This baby is done! It seems like it took forever but wow has life changed for me during the time that i made it! It is a custom order. They saw the twin size of this that i had made my grandchild and wanted a large queen/king for themselves. The fabrics were entirely from my stash and its a mixture of new fabric and men's plaid shirts.

she wanted vintage sheets on the back, rather than large pieces i have started cutting some of my larger scraps into 16" squares for piecing backs.

the binding is a plaid fabric i had on hand. I like how the red frames it.

I also signed up to join the Fabric Scrap Swap  Its a fast easy swap where you exchange 1 yd of scraps with someone else! I have scraps and who doesn't like the idea of getting some new life in your scrap bins! I think you have a couple days left to sign up if you wanna swap some scraps!

The flimsies are finished for the two baby quilts. They are for my great niece and great nephew. (my sisters both have children having children right now!)

I have also been working on a quilt for the "for the boys" quilt I'm making. No sneak peaks yet on that one...

I have been productive. I hadn't been sewing alot because of the family of 5 that moved in (my husbands son) I just couldn't get much done with all the kids around. But.. I've started sewing later at night (decided that i didn't care if the noise offended them, its my house too and if thats when i need to sew, i will) So this past week, i have been on a roll!!

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Barb and Sharon said...

I like how you framed the quilt with flying geese. Love the scrappy look too.

Dominique said...

I love your finish "X" quilt, and especially how the bright colours pop against the white! How nice that the person you made it for wanted vintage sheets in the back, I'm sure it's all soft and cosy. Love your baby quilts tops too!