Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mad about Plaid?

I finished the flimsy I was working on yesterday so when I got home last night I didn't have anything in my "to be sewn" pile. I did something i shouldn't have! I pulled out one of those unfinished projects and started working on it. I had this huge pile of 4" blocks sewn into 4 patches.... I first thought i would make a baby quilt out of them... but kept sewing.... then it became a throw..... now i think i have enough for a queen quilt and im thinking i will keep it for Ralph and I.

How the pile of 4 patches started is a while back  one day I decided I had too many men's shirts scraps. I really did, more than a large tub of them. I sell the shirt backs on my etsy store but the fronts and short sleeves end up in my stash. I had a 4 inch ruler and its easy to cut 4 inch squares so I started cutting. I was planning a large queen quilt for Ralph, but i still needed a BUNCH of squares, and I just wasn't loving the quilt... they never got cut.

Then I saw what Beth did at Love Laugh Quilt with her plaid quilt. I admit, i have a border phobia, i am just not creative with them because i dont like putting them on... i am getting better and braver... however, this would be perfect to break up the monotony of the plaid squares.... so... i felt inspired to pull it out again. I have enough 2 1/2 in precut plaid squares for the border, putting a border on means i dont need anymore 4 in squares!! i can do what she did! Thanks Beth for the inspiration... so here it is again, on the table and im working on it again.

the bad thing is... i had set these quarterly goals for myself... yes i have finished 2 but look.. the three projects I'm working on now weren't even on the list! maybe i shouldn't make lists! lol.

most of the list is on hold because I'm waiting on batting. I've ordered some from connecting threads so i should be able to knock a few of them off quickly when I get that package.

Just to keep track of my quarterly goals:
  • Darla's Quilt
  • 2 Tshirt Quilts
  • Riding out the Storm 
  • Home Grown Tomatoes
  • Twin Vintage Sheet
  • Liberty
  • Dallas' Soar
  • HST Vintage Sheet Throw
  • Orange it Great
  • Red, Blue and Yellow 2 1/2 in squares
  • Square Dance
  • Cloth Napkins
  • Train Wall hanging
  • Plus Quilt
  • Vintage Star Quilt
things I've started that weren't on the list:
  • jellyfish for Audrey
  • chevron and on for Joey
  • plaid monster for Ralph and I


Wendy said...

Nice! This is really inspiring - I've been thinking about making a quilt for my husband's grandfather and plaid is perfect! Stopping by from WIP Wednesday. Take care!

beth said...

It's looking GREAT! :)

Sewing Mom said...

You do a nice job with your plaids! =)

Julie said...

I have a pile of de-constructed shirts to make a quilt for my son - your photos are inspiring me to start it. Thank you.

Scooquilt said...

I love plaid, especially shirting! This is going to be great, especially with a border like Beth's. That won't be too hard. Valerie