Thursday, October 17, 2013

4th Quarter finish along post

I found She can Quilt's quarterly finish-along link up and I thought i would join the challenge but this post took 5 days to complete!  so... although i missed her deadline... Here are my WIP's I would like to finish this quarter. Challenge or not.

Those with Deadlines...

Darla's Quilt: This is a consignment piece and I have been working on it for over 8 weeks. Life got stalled for a month or it would be finished. I sandwiched it yesterday and plan to quilt it today and tomorrow... binding... by the end of the week.

2 Tshirt Quilts: more customer work. I finished one and she wanted 2 more. I have started chopping and ironing the first one, the other I haven't even looked at yet.

Riding out the Storm - a boy quilt that i have to finish by the blog hop in early november. The name has changed a few times... it has become riding out the storm because of the living situation here!

waiting for borders...

Home Grown Tomatoes - cuz money cant buy true love or home grown tomatoes....

Twin Vintage Sheet: not sure about border or just quilt it... but its ready.

Liberty -  the only quilt ive ever followed a pattern on. I love it and cant wait to finish it!

Started and Stalled... 

Dallas' Soar - seriously, I have it in rows, i just need to join the rows! It doesn't even need a border!

HST Vintage Sheet Throw - need to peice it together

Orange it Great - ready to quilt!

Small Projects to clear out....

Red, Blue and Yellow 2 1/2 in squares: I dont even remember what i was going to do with them, so... its going to become a table runner.

Square Dance: This one is definately going to become a table runner, baby quilt or throw... depending on how many blocks i have! What i was going for on the quilt isn't working for me!

Cloth Napkins - I just need to top stitch them!

Train Wall hanging - oh the dreaded applique!!

Just Finish it...

Plus Quilt - I started quilting this by practicing FMQ... but totally lost interest in the whole FMQ thing, total pain in the you know what! But i do still want to learn and get better so im going to finish this one. (besides its for Ralph and I and its gonna start getting cold here soon!)

Vintage Star Quilt - I love this throw but hate the quilting i started. I may rip it all out and start over. (maybe practice FMQ on it too and keep it!)

Additional Goals....

put all of my stock on my etsy stores. I have over 100 patterns to add to uneeda pattern and about 70 more vintage sheets listings, 15 shirt packs, and 5 handmade items to add to upcycled fabric. Cant sell it if it aint listed!! right?

take the THREE LARGE tubs of scraps and cut them down into precuts!!! I cut them into 2 1/2 in strips (or smaller) then 1 1/2, 2 1/2, 4 1/2 and 6 1/2" squares, and I also cut bricks of 2 1/2 X 4 1/2.

So that is about 13 big quilts and 4 small projects. Thats about right and i should be able to finish that!

Getting my stock on Etsy... OMG just do it. I know im killing my husband. Its a perfectionism thing with the pictures. I just have to get over it. Same reason it took 5 days to create this post!

Whats not gonna get done this quarter!!

still peicing:
Orange and /Blue Twister
Plaid Star Quilt
Rainbow String
Faiths Flower Garden
1" 9 patch quilt
Window Pains
Scrappy Trip Around the World
Blue scrappy trip around the world

Needs borders:
Trevor's Hug Qult
Irish Chain Quilt
Granny Squares

Needs to be quilted:
Do the Math Donation
Strip Donation
Bright 70's quilt

Most of this is in a bin that will just get moved... maybe next quarter!!

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