Saturday, September 21, 2013

an almost finished quilt

Wow, it has been over a month and I haven't posted... where has the time gone and what has been up?

sewing wise i have been working on this king sized quilt for a customer:

im not sure if she reads my blog so i can't show much yet... i want to show it  all to her finished!

but the flimsy is done and i will start quilting it as soon as i finish the tshirt quilt im working on for another customer. Pics of that when its finished. I have to say, tshirt quilts aren't that hard, they are just alot of thinking and careful stitching.

I do have one boo boo that you can see in this picture. I made it too big and had to trim off a row off of each side. When i did, i didn't leave enough seam allowance to have clean points against the border!  It bugs me but im sure she wont notice! There are 180 of those flying geese though... that took as much time as making the X's!

I went shopping recently and bought a whole new batch of sheets for my store upcycled fabric and a mess of patterns for uneeda pattern. Both are doing well and Im spending alot of time adding the patterns right now.

Why have I been sewing so little... well that has to do with home so here is that update!

on the home front...

Ralph is doing better (he had a heart attack) and is about to go back to work, good thing cuz 2 months of not being able to do what you love is wearing thin on him.

I had my appendix taken out a few weeks ago... that was painful and i don't recommend appendicitis! Ralph took me to the er because i was throwing up and in alot of pain. They sent me over to Nacogdoches by ambulance and they took it out the next day. I drove myself home the day after that. They say in the last few years they have started doing them laparoscopically and recovery is much quicker!

As i was coming out of surgery, we got a call that Ralph's son Travis was in a bad accident at work, he was alive but badly burned. He is an electrical lineman so saying he was alive first is important. Its a dangerous job. But there was an explosion and fire ball and he has 3rd degree burns on 20 percent of his body.(chest and arm) He is still not back to work and has to start skin grafts next week. They are saying november before he will be able to work again.

His wife bridgette was in the hospital for over a month. She is on dialysis and not doing well at all. She did get to come home and not go back to the nursing home.

I say all that and shake my head, other than bridgette and diabetes we are normally fairly healthy people! Neither ralph or I have been to the doctor in years!

Other than that Buck, sharon and their two kids have moved in meaning i have to contend with a 1, 2, and 3 yr old every day (because we still have custody of travis' 2 yr old) It is great having the grandkids there, I love them to death and we do have fun with them. They are ralph's stress relief, a few minutes of wrestling with them on the bed and hes happy. But, Buck needs a job and he needs one yesterday! They need income and a home.

The grand kids are why i haven't sewn much though, every time i sit down to sew all the other adults in the house say "mimi is out there she can watch them" and they go lay down in bed to watch tv. Meanwhile im having to get up every 2 minutes because at least one of them is in mischief! That and they are all obsessed with my sewing machine... why can't their parents keep them from monkeying with it! Everyday I have to check my settings because they tinker with it and yesterday they lost the thread i was using to quilt the tshirt quilt! Good thing I have another spool the same color, although i hate to change spools in the middle of a quilt in case they are slightly different, this time I'm going to have to!!

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