Friday, August 23, 2013

Quilts to make!

Here is my finish for this friday... i think i missed a couple fridays... im not sure life has been so chaotic lately.

This little table topper is made from orphan hst's. I made a runner from the same hst's and it sold already.

I still need to finish the quilt, but i will, its for my husbands daughter.

I used some red and white striped fabric for the binding and it has a solid blue backing.

I quilted it with my "straight lines" lol i use the quote marks because as you can see... they aren't really straight at all! 

Ive linked to finish it up friday on crazy mom's quilt

But the good news is i have some commissioned work to do!!! I sold a king sized quilt that i have been working on. I really never expected to sell anything for that much money and i was so floored when she said yes! and i have a tshirt quilt for a friend. (it is the first of three) 

Something struck me about the price of quilts and what people can make making them. We live in an economically depressed area. I have recently considered getting a job but when i realized that by the time i paid for the gas to get there and the babysitter for the 2 yr. old grandchild and take taxes out, i would be spending over half of my check before i even made it. Add in we only have one vehicle and the sharing a ride when we worked in 2 different directions would be a nightmare. We decided with my etsy stores i am making almost half of what i would be bringing home and im enjoying that! With a little work i should be able to double what im making. So... i am going to build my etsy stores. Now... the same day i decided this someone asked me what i would charge for a king size quilt. I hesitantly gave her a price that is almost double what i would make a week at a job (Im talking gross pay, before i paid a babysitter and so forth) and she didn't bat an eye. I figure when im done it will be about 45 hrs of work. To me this was amazing. I get to make more money this week doing something i love than i would make doing a J-O-B.

Someone living in a less economically depressed area would say... my time is worth more than that because i am a skilled worker. and in areas other than this, skilled workers make a heck of alot more money than i charged. Great, so am I but when my choices are making quilts which i love, and working at the dollar store which is about the only place hiring within an hour commute (who cares if im skilled or have a degree... its the ONLY job).... id rather make quilts for twice that pay!  and i might even get to buy some fabric with what i make!!! 

Etsy is really a wonderful thing because i did search and look on there to see what others were charging. Since it was my first large sale, i did go for a little less than the middle of what others were charging! 


Julie said...

What a fun quilt! I have a bunch of extra HST lying around.

Ruth said...

Lovley use of you HST. I'm inspired. I have a coffee table in need of one and a bunch of triangles left over from Swoon blocks.. All the best for your Etsy store!

Amira@littlemushroomcap said...

I love the dense line quilting!!

Amira @