Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just Three

Tracyjay Quilts has started Just Three, a linky thing where you can pick just three goals for the month, blog about them and check in next month to see how you did. Well since im too busy for much sewing and have not been checking in with WIP Wednesday... let me get a restaurant open and I might go back to that too... i do think i can pick three goals for 1 month!

So... this month my 3 goals are (I promise to get better at picking just three, this month it was really tough so i kinda lumped some together to make one goal!)

1. finish the three quilts i brought to finish. Bottom: (Travis' star)I just need to hand sew the binding and i have been watching enough tv this should be done! Middle: (Flower Garden) I need to quilt it and bind it and i can send it off to who its intended for!! Top: (Granny Squares) borders, quilt and bind but this is Ralph's favorite so far (and i love that he says "so far" knowing that im going to make more that he loves) and he has asked several times when im going to finish it so we can use it.

#1 is pretty intense... so the other two goals are kinda minor.

2. finish squaring up the blocks for Soar. I hate this part of the process and i just have a small pile left to do. Don't tell me that im going to have to make more blocks after this and do more!! (I think I am... when will it ever end??)

Everytime i slow down and want to stop working on this i lay out some of the squares and fall in love again... Hopefully finishing this one will make next months goals!

3. organize the sewing stuff. I have decided that the wall in our dining room is going to be the fabric and sewing storage space. I want to buy bookcases with doors on them. (for now im just getting the bookcases and as i figure out what doors i want i will get them!

I want this from Ikea (and omg... im so excited i live in Houston now and can go to Ikea!!)

cant you just see my stash in the cd part of this bookcase with books and decorative things in the bigger spots???  I may put doors on the bottom half of it so i can hide my not so pretty storage stuff!  I think this will work. Then i want some kind of coffee table with storage. I am going to have to use that for my vintage sheet collection. We have enough room in our walk in closet to hang my plaid shirt collection!! so yeah, the sewing room will be scattered around the apartment but when im creating my sewing is scattered around the apartment!

The next two months will be interesting as i try to stuff our 2500 sq ft house into our 1200 sq ft. apartment. We have decided we will be in Houston for a couple years and we are going to rent out the place up there (most likely for very little rent to one of his kids) so I have to move everything down here!

Here is Tracyjay's linky thing... be sure to go check out other folks progress and goals! I actually missed the party this time... but i will be sure to catch it next month!

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Kirsten said...

Your quilts are beautiful - and I am in love with that Ikea bookcase too!

Cille said...

Welcome... I joined in last month and 'just 3' is a great way to keep some progress going :) great idea with the IKEA shelf. I have my fq and smaller pieces in a cd shelf too. It works perfectly.

Your projects are lovely... Looking forward to see them finished.

Jenniffier said...

Good luck on your goals. I fell like organizing my sewing stuff/room is an on going battle. Every time I think I am doing better it just seems to explode.

Amanda said...

Those bookcases are great! Good luck with your goals and with the move!

Emma said...

Wow! Taking all of that on and a restaurant too. I love your ideas for storage, I can't wait to see how you set things up.