Tuesday, August 7, 2012

bookcases for my stash

I let Ralph pick out the bookcase since its going to be showing off my fabric in our dining room.

My husband has good taste... usually his taste is much pricier than i feel comfortable spending on myself....

lol... i was perfectly happy with the billy shelves but he picked this:

with the promise that we would get one of these to go on each side (after we get zippys open)

(yes i cheated and used ikeas photos)

but here it is... built and starting to collect my fabric...

I really do love it and he really did spoil me with this one!

I picked this up at a yard sale for 30 bucks last weekend!! I love it and this is one heavy peice of furniture. I bet it weighs more than the bookcase from ikea! It is now my dresser in our bedroom! I also got a desk that is in the living room now for 7!

I would be really happy with how our apartment is coming together if i had a couch, but... we haven't found one we both agree on that we want to spend the money on. '

Now... that pic of me.. since 2 weeks before the wedding, i have put on 25 lbs. We stopped working 14 hr days, we are on our butts all day mostly and we are eating out like there is no tomorrow!

Today we hired a personal trainer for the two of us and we start tomorrow at 7 am! We don't want to be heavy like this and i dont know if i COULD pull a 14 hour shift with this extra weight!

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