Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Houston Home

I have missed sewing. With the wedding and the traveling back and forth to houston these last couple months i haven't touched my sewing machine. Dont get me wrong, i have enjoyed the trips and the eating out (we went on a culinary tour of the world in houston... and i gained 15 lbs) I have enjoyed the time, the wedding was wonderful and happy and perfect in every way... ive enjoyed myself... but... i have missed sewing.

So here is the update on life. We have rented an apartment and a restaurant space and we are opening another Zippy's Pizza in Houston!! woo hoo! we are so excited. We plan to open August 15th. We will go back and forth between San Augustine and Houston, so we still have the ranch up there... we just also live in houston now. Ralph's daughter Caty is running the store in San Augustine... its doing fine and shes doing a good job... all is well there. We will be running this store and over the next year hope to open 2 additional stores! (if you are familiar with Houston the new restaurant is on Jones Rd. just north of 1960 and we would love for you to come see us!!)

today Ralph and I along with a friend tore down drywall. We are doing some cosmetic stuff and cleaning the place REALLY well before we open and put our equipment in there. we will put the drywall back up on monday. (we have to go north for the next two days)

But... sewing... i dont have the best pictures... but here are a couple of the new apartment. First, our bedroom is a loft style, it has a balcony that looks over the livingroom. How perfect is this to hang a quilt from!! Here is the unfinished granny squares hanging over...

second picture i have to share... we haven't brought much furniture down yet, so the apartment is kinda empty... but i did bring a table and chair home from the restaurant so that i could set my sewing machine up and have a place to sit at the computer. Here it is in the dining room...

ok, also note the BIG MIRRORED wall. This mirror is going to cause me to lose weight because i can't get to the kitchen without seeing myself in it. I am amazed every time i walk by it because i dont FEEL that overweight (although i do know i am!) So, between the puppy walks in the morning, the pool which i enjoy working out in and the exercise room in the apartment complex... hopefully i will be talking about the weight im losing soon.

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