Wednesday, May 2, 2012

hours of fun!

I actually got to enjoy more than a half hour here, half hour there of sewing!! Saturday I spent 8 hours in my sewing room and by the end of the day i was surrounded by beautiful works!

Lovely Little Windows:

This has been something i grab and sew the 1 1/2 in squares when i dont have much time or when nothing else is ready to sew. I started peicing the squares saturday and ohh and ahhh... i love love love it! This is going to be the width, i am going to do a wide border on it.... I now have it hanging on the wall in my sewing room and if i was a wall hanging kinda gal i would probably quilt this and leave it there, but i love it so much and cant wait to see it on my bed!!

Dallas' Soar:

this one has a name now, it looks like soaring birds. I try not to start piecing something like this till i have all the pieces cut and squared so i can lay it out and make sure the fabrics look random, but i couldn't resist.... well, i can never resist really, so here are a few blocks i had to sew together to see how it was going to look! I still have to sew 50 HST's and square up over half of the blocks.... but im excited about finishing this one.

Sandy's Kalidescope:

I am "making fabric" for this one out of strips and strings that i cut to 6 7/8 length and random widths then sewing together. I will then cut the triangles from the strips. I started foundation piecing them but that is a pain in the patootie so i just started sewing strips. I will starch the snot out of them before i cut the triangles. I figure this is about 1/3 of what i will need for the quilt.

Stephanie's Scrappy Stars:
I have alot of the star points made... going to keep working on them. I have been using a new method of making the HST's and i love it. (I have been looking for the tutorial that i read to make these... but i cant find it. In brief you take 2 squares, sew them together on all 4 sides (pretty side in) cut it diagonally in both directions and presto... 4 perfect HSTs! Have to stop trying to find the tutorial because while looking for it, i got sidetracked and ordered 40.00 worth of fabric... opps... i will post a link to it if i ever find it but right now i cant afford anymore fabric!)

HA... Jeni of In Color Order posted a link to it yesterday and i just found it! here it is

Kegan's Zig and Zag:

woo hoo i finally finished the flimsy. I had alot of problems with this one since my first attempt i reversed the rows and my zigs weren't zagging! I trimmed it down (yes i made it WAY too big and cut a whole row off the side and bottom) This weekend i will work on quilting.

this was inspired by this quilt. I changed up the colors and i don't know what size her blocks are but i cut my strips 2 1/2 x 6 1/2, I also put my blocks on point.

I Love Sophie:
I have had this at work, working on it when we were slow, which wasn't a whole lot of time this past week! I will get it done by the weekend!! Here is a picture of the little darling who will one day say "this is the first quilt that Mimi made me!"

Wedding Plans:

I have been collecting canning jars for my centerpieces. I love this look:
Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

I am linking up to Freshly Pieced Work in Progress Wednesday Be sure to go check out all the other lovely work!!!


darla magee said...

tamara, those quilts are incredible. so beautiful! wow. you have such a gift. and your mason jar idea is going to be beautiful. i saw an idea on pintrest you might like.
pre make your cocktails (margarita- rum punch?) and put them in 8oz mason jars. screw on the lids and throw them into an ice chest or fridge. when you are ready to serve, put them on ice in a big jam pan or trough and viola! easy signature drinks w/o a bartender!!

Julie said...

You have such a wonderful variety of scrappy quilts - I love them all! I also really like the idea of sewing together small scraps as you go - I need to take a hint and save some time by doing that.

doodlebugmom said...

I love the mason jars!