Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

I have loved my mornings lately, lots of sewing. I am really happy with my quilting life right now. I am not feeling alot of pressure to do anything in particular. I am making progress on the quilts that i need to and im also spending time just playing and being creative. Once in a while i think i have way too many works in progress but phooey... I am still finishing them and im enjoying making them. What, is the quilt police going to come lock me up because i start a new project every day!? lol.

I think im an ADD quilter... i have to work on 3 at a time! 3 just seems to be the magic number.

so... this week:

I finally finished "I Love Sophie" It has been delivered to the little bundle of joy and everything!

I have finished Kegan's Zig Zag!!! Before the baby was born... lets see if i get it in the mail though! lol.
I am really proud of this one. I can see where my skills have really improved both in piecing and quilting!

Dallas Soar: I am still squaring up my HST's. I think this is one of the reason i am working on three. I can only stand squaring up blocks... so i do 10 every so often.
Stephanie's Stars: I have 30 of the 9 patchs turned into stars. I need 41. I have the squares cut for the rest of the star points and i make a couple of these every morning. Another one that will take a while if i just do one or two per day. Why not more... because its more squaring of blocks and THAT my friend is my LEAST favorite thing to do! So i do a few everyday and plug away trough the parts i dont like, i do eventually get to a fun part again!

Mostly what i have been doing is moving my sewing room from the extra bedroom to what was my office. I really haven't been using the home office... and we did want a guest room (my sister is coming for a week when we get married)

the bookcase on the left used to have our CDs in it. I packed them up since we no longer do the radio show and how cool is this that it holds my fabric!!! The one on the right we bought the other day for my stuff... i have both bookcases full now... and ive moved about half of my stuff.

this dresser has my "scraps" in it... I have a blue, red, yellow and orange, pink and purple and green and brown drawer.

My scraps are in different sizes, anything too small to fold as yardage I call pieces (this includes fat quarters). Pieces that are smaller than 6 " square is a chunk (i keep these in a bin in the drawer for that color) anything smaller than 1 1/2 in square is a "bit" and ive been tossing those into a bin... I keep a pretty good stash of precut 2 1/2 in squares and 1 1/2 in squares cut and they are in bins too. My strings are in containers... i have those too!)

Well... i have been saving the bits and as i was moving things i thought... will i really EVER use these tiny pieces??? I started sewing this....

I love it. So... yes, I use even the bits!!!

Oh... and i put up a pretty good fight not starting this one but... the Granny Square bug bit me firmly on the butt this weekend and i have started a red and blue granny square quilt... i am determined to not start putting this together till i have all 100 squares ready.. yep... 100 (I actually only have 18 of the squares to sew together now! and they are already cut out... so looks like this weekend i will be laying it out to put it all together!

Travis' star: this is one of the denim quilts that i made for all the sons and son in laws. I pinned and quilted it yesterday. This weekend i will finish the binding and woohoo another one done!
Pink and purple scrap quilt... hmmm thought about starting this one for a wedding present for someone. not sure if i will. I have some 2 1/2 scraps of pink and purple, not sure what to do for a background fabric and well, do i really want to do JUST pink and purple or should i just make it an all color scrap. But i probably will start working on this.

Another one that ive been looking at finishing is paw paw hugs for landon and trevor... I just need borders so hopefully they will be in the tada pile soon!

Im linking up to Freshly Pieced Work in progress Wednesday! more eye candy!

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Tamara said...

lol.. just read this and you can tell i have returned to it several times because it doesn't make that much sense! seriously.. i haven't had time to sit down and post in weeks... so im posting what i did put together wether it makes sense or not!

Patti said...

Oh, you made me laugh, Tamara! I can almost see the thoughts buzzing around in your head! I really like the quilts you have completed and I completely agree about how annoying it is to square things up! I have not yet caught the Granny bug, but I've had a few sniffles...I just know I will catch it sooner or later!
Isn't is fun to organize a sewing room that actually has a place for things!