Wednesday, April 25, 2012

changing directions

Just to be sewing something new i started 9 patch blocks a week or so ago. My plan was to make them into a quilt for a friend who has had surgery recently... simple 9 patch blocks with some sashing.. batta boom, batta bing, i have a quilt.  but... as usual my plans change.

I'm using my 2 1/2 in squares or cutting from my stacks of scraps for the 9 patch blocks and its totally scrappy (no matchy matchy for me) I do try to match the 9 patches but i have everything from hot pink and black to baby blue and purple in the 9 patches.

I love the scrapiness of the original idea, but, its too simple and plain to be that scrappy... does that make sense? I want to scrap it up a bit more. So i think I'm going to be taking the 9 patches and making them the center of stars. so some scrappy points with a background fabric in something other than white then a scrappy corner block of some sort.. hmm...  i will have to play with it.

 I also have a TON of 2 1/2 in squares that are red yellow and blue, (and even more small pieces that i can cut into squares) i think i will make a bunch of those into 9 patches and make the original quilt that i had planned... still scrappy but tied together with the color scheme so that makes it ok that its that simple.... maybe a corner block that ties it together even more.... so does this mean im starting ANOTHER project... hmm have to finish a few before i start that one.

What have i finished this week????

Ally's Dress:

When her mom brought her into the store in it i just squealed. With the big red daisy and her big blue eyes... she was absolutely beautiful!

I Love Sophie...

ok, so i haven't hand sewn the binding down, i plan on finishing that today and tomorrow at work during the slow times... but I do have it quilted and the binding attached.

The other finish soon progress:

bathmat - no progress, its buried under a pile of fabric right now!

kegan's quilt (heard from his dad, still no baby yet... but he and his gf are planning on moving to Texas in the next year. They are currently in Alaska. The army owes both of them a move and it will take some paperwork to get that done, but as soon as they can they are coming home. I asked how many "they" are.... (we haven't met his gf yet and i knew she had some kids before Jess) and he said 2 adults and 4 or 5 children! akk... i have more quilts to make for our growing family!! He wants to build a house on the ranch so they will be close and it will be more kids we get to spend time with! I'm so happy and i hope he really moves home this time!) - but... i did put what i have done up on my design wall and tomorrow i will finish piecing the flimsy. I think i just have 5 strips to sew together yet!

Jonathan's Camo: still sitting in the neat pile on the extra chair in the dining room waiting for me to pin it.

Dallas HST - Ive been trimming these suckers... and have decided this will be the layout.

I don't know what it is but i have been more tired than usual and i haven't been spending as much time sewing. Sunday i took a 4 hour nap instead of sewing!

Wedding Progress:

Ralph's friend has agreed to marry us. He is an ordained methodist preacher who doesn't have a church (he is a postmaster instead) Ralph married him and his first wife a long time ago (ralph used to be an ordained preacher) and now Richard is going to marry us!

The bridesmaid dresses. Am i crazy... i want to make them? We picked out this dress which has the colors but i really wasn't in love with it. I just dont think it would look good on everyone.

Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

but if i made 5 using this pattern:

and these 5 fabrics:


oh boy gotta run.... linking up to freshly pieced work in progress wedensday. Go check out some other great progress!


Allison said...

I think the 9 patches will look great as star centers. Ally's dress is so pretty!

Amy said...

I love 9 patch for mindless sewing, the dress is just darling on Ally. good job!