Friday, April 20, 2012

of course it was a quilt that inspired the colors of the wedding!

Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

To give credit... the quilt is for sale on etsy and the seller is kelbysews. BUT when i checked the listing today she has taken it down and says she is moving. Hopefully she will have it back up for sale soon because it is a beautiful quilt!

Anyways, this is the inspiration. I love the blues, teals, light blues and light greens. It is all over the place as "sea glass" inspired. Sea glass, however beautiful doesn't really inspire me because well, we live 200 miles inland and it is not a beach wedding! however i then saw this.....

Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

The photo is by One Girl Photo and her website is

I cant afford the blue jars but i am definitely using the hydrangeas and the jars... The reception will be after dark so i also plan to make ball jar candle lanterns for everywhere. And I'm calling it sophisticated country. Why sophisticated country? One from somewhere other than East Texas might think that its just plain ole country, or simplistic country... well its sophisticated because camo weddings are all the rage here and THAT is country for this part of the world... we're going a bit more sophisticated than that! lol.

We reserved the church yesterday. We are going to get married at McMahon Chapel which is the oldest protestant church in Texas. It is beautiful inside. Ralph is a HUGE history buff so the history behind the church makes it special. It was a Methodist community formed before Texas got its Independence. The creepy side is that founder is actually buried under the pulpit. This is the third church built in this spot, each time they are careful not to disturb his grave... ok... creepy... wont think about that while I'm getting married.

Ok... yall might get tired of hearing about the wedding... sorry... I'm preoccupied with it right now.

On the quilting side... a friend just had surgery. I'm trying to finish up a 9 patch quilt for her in the next week! Pictures to come.

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