Thursday, October 6, 2011

The name - just life

My name for my blog is "Just Life" but in real life I am Tamara. Since owning several online businesses, i realized that hiding my identity was really not all that possible... so i also use my real name alot.

I used to blog about my life ALOT on myspace... ALL the time. I started because my cousins blogged and we would just read each others blogs and keep up with each other. Then my best friend got sick with cancer and it just got too hard to do. Life was REALLY depressing most of the time and you can only blog about that so much. So i took a little blog break for about 6 months while i watched her give it all she had, and then some, but in the end we all lost the battle.

In that time, most of the people i knew moved fom myspace to facebook (which doesn't have a blog). So, when i was ready to start again, i started "just life" and it was just going to be about my life, like my myspace one. Really the myspace blog in addition to my family had become pretty big. Alot of them were people who listened to the radio show that we did, and it was a bit of a marketing tool for that, even though it was just me rambling about my day.

What happened though is my life was different now. I now owned a restaurant, was in a relationship, life had gotten too busy for our radio show... well i just didn't seem to have the gumption to blog..... soooo.....

When i started quilting again a year ago, i did want to document my quilting progress so i turned it into my "quilt blog" and even though the name doesn't really fit quilting, it is really me... everything is "just life"... stuff happenes... and i just tend to go with the flow.

Im participating in as sweet as cinnamon's whats your name. If you want to read how others came up with their names or participate check out her blog at: As Sweet As Cinnamon

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Janet said...

I think that is a great name to describe what you want to put on your blog. Hope life is happier for you now.