Friday, October 7, 2011

Christmas Countdown Progress Report

11 more weeks to go.
First Celebrate the finishes...

Finished pile: 7 (Ralph, Trini, Desi, Tristan, Ally, Waylon and Sharon)

Yep, I finished another one! This is Sharon's “Shabby Stripe” quilt.

This is the first one I haven't wanted to give away... hmm could I make her something else. Nope, no time, I'm just going to have to make one of these for myself!

I wasn't quite sure of the backing, but it works. It doesn't seem to "match" to me (but Ralph hasn't said what were you thinking? yet... so it must be ok!)

The pictures aren't the best, i got it back from the laundry at dusk but i wanted to take pictures!

Now the work to do:

In the flimsy done, backing ready... need to quilt stage: 2 (Bridgette and Wesley)

In the it just needs borders and backing stage: 4 (Landon, Travis, Buck and Caty)

In the its cut out and I'm piecing it stage: 3 (Jonathan, Adrianna, Dallas and Trevor)

In the its cut out, just need to piece it stage: 3 (Chris, Coleman and Jess)

In the I'm cutting and sewing as i go along stage: 2 ( Faith and Harley)

In the I still have no clue what I'm going to make for her stage: 1 (Lea)

My routine this week has been to cut or hand sew binding until Ralph gets up, then sew on the machine until its time for work. Sometimes the machine wakes him, sometimes it doesn't... i like him to sleep as long as he can because hes grumpy enough without enough sleep! lol. We also worked the schedule so that were not working 6-10 hour days but we each get 3 days where we only work 5 (still work 10 the other 3!) The two afternoons Ive had off so far this week I finished Sharon and the donation quilt, so having more than just Sunday (which half of them we will be out of town) i have a few afternoons too.
One morning we previewed the backings I had picked and found that most of them weren't big enough. So then it was auditioning fabrics on our bed with him in it until I found pieces I could put together for the backs. Ralph is actually much better at color than I am, so his input was greatly appreciated. But I now have backings big enough for Bridgette, Wesley, Caty, Landon and Trevor.

My goals for the week are:
finish the backing to the first denim, pin it and quilt it

buy the batting for Wesley's plaid puzzle and quilt it

buy the batting for Bridgette's postage stamp and pin it

finish piecing the 3rd denim top and one more denim backing

finish piecing the 2nd kisses from paw paw and make more of the flying geese for the border

make a piece of the border i want to put on Caty's and make sure it looks how i want


A.J. Dub. said...

It looks fantastic! I want to cuddle up in it right now. Great job. I think the back is pretty!

Mama Spark said...

Very pretty! Hey, neither of your emails are getting to you from me, they keep bouncing back. If you are interested in the Traveling Stash I need a way to get in touch.

Mama Spark said...

I'm choosing on Sat but thanks for the addy JIC I need it!