Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday 2 and 3 DONE!

I finished them last night and im going to mail them tomorrow! woo hoo!

I started these two in 2005. At the time i was applying to be a foster parent and they were going to be for my "girls" room. Well... lets not go into the state of texas and how messed up that system is, it took them 2 years to approve me and by that point, i had a job that the hours just wouldn't have worked.... so... fast forward to now. I finished them for Ralph's twin grand daughters.

The white is actually unbleached muslin (i had a whole bunch of it that i had bought in a yard sale, ive made curtains and more curtains and now these quilts from it) and the pastels are scraps. Two of them are special, one was a shirt of their grandmothers and one from their great grandmother, both who have passed.

I also used different backing on them. The colors are not that great, because i have to mail them tomorrow im taking them on an overcast day. I love the lime green polkadots and I guess the rebel in me loves that im sending the one with peace symbols on it to an air force base.

i am thrilled with how they turned out!

whats coming up???

there is this for lea:

and remember the fabrics that i won in the giveaway???? i have decided on what im doing with them and added a few things from my stash for caty.

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BaileyGirl5 said...

Very special quilts for those little girls! I love that you put some of their grandmother's shirt in there. Makes them extra thoughtful.