Tuesday, April 19, 2011

akk... life has been busy!

It has been tax time... combine that with i bought a "real" scanner... you see it on tv and it helps you organize your receipts.... i have not been sewing, i have been scanning receipts for the past year instead! yep... shoe box after shoe box of receipts. I even had to file an extension on our taxes because i have 3 months left to scan!

But... the scanner is super cool and if you own your own business... man... i love the thing! It is so much easier to file paper electronically than physically. That is why i have shoe box after shoe box is i never never physically file a piece of paper. I think that is part of my perfectionism... what if i decide later that i need that piece of paper, am i really going to find it when i need it... hmm... let me think on it... let me just put these papers in a box, and put it in the closet because i cant decide how to perfectly set up a filing system. But with this scanner thing, i put it thru the scanner, put the piece of paper in a pile (i can shred the pile!!!)  and i electronically file the scanned document. does my perfectionism kick in electronically filing it? nope... because there is a search thing on the program and say i need it and its not where i thought i put it... i can just search for it! Other benefits is as im filing it im tagging it for certain line items on the tax forms so doing my taxes this year should be super easy (and cost alot less because im not taking her 6 shoeboxes of paper to sort!)

anyways thats what ive been doing, i have scanned everything this year to date and i have all but 3 months of last year done. I have also found a big box of 08 receipts that were in our storage unit that we couldn't find when it was tax time and we may even have her refile 08 because we still are paying on those taxes and hey... a few thousand more of deductions could possibly put us in  a lower tax bracket and well lets just say that would be sweet! But before i finish scanning all these past receipts, i plan on scanning all of 08 and having our new accountant look at it.

where was i before i abruptly stopped quilting... i have most of the tops done for sharon and bridgettes quilts. I have them hanging on the walls in my new sewing room (which doesn't have curtains) when im walking across the backyard each day checking the horse waters, i can see them thru the window... calling me... wanting my attention. I have promised i would be back in may... i promise!

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