Thursday, February 13, 2014

The What

Ralph and I both feel like we are on a journey.... I plan to blog about that journey and to begin, I'm going to start with the who, what, when, where, and how....

today I am going to focus on the what... what we want out of life.

Love: we have a wonderful relationship. We have worked together and have spent almost every day together for 13 years. We enjoy each others company and we want to continue to grow in love. We want to spend quality time and improve communication. We both have our bucket list of things we want to see and do and we want to work towards those, together. 

Pulled out an oldie here: This is 2008 at the Western Music Association Awards Ceremony. We used to be the hosts of a radio show called "Ralph's Backporch"
Family: We want to see our family succeed and prosper. We want to see these young adults (Ralph has 7 children) spread their wings and become strong. We have had some battles with drugs, some with relationship problems and we know we can't solve them but we do want to help them become stronger, better and happier.  We want our grandchildren to be a part of our lives, our home and our ranch. (I HAVE to also add... we do NOT want their parents to move in with us ever, ever again)

Tristan, one of our little cowboys

Security: We want to live comfortably. We have been under financial stress for the last few years and we are tired of living that way. Financial security to us is as basic as knowing if it rains for 3 weeks, we don't have to worry about our animals having to skip a meal (or us for that matter) to... knowing that if something happens to one of us... we have a back up plan. It also means for us.. getting out of debt. 

We are Dave Ramsey Fans. Be sure to check out his website if getting out of debt is one of your goals.

Simplicity: We want to live care free. We want to continue to simplify our lives and continue to be self employed. We want to reduce our expenses and needs. To raise and grow our own food, to find a way to produce our own electricity (cuz i wont live without it!). I will say to him that means were going to move to yurt in the back pasture and to me it means were going to get some chickens and a compost bin... we are going to have to continue to define what this means to us and find the common ground. 

Health: Ok... so our overall health sucks. We both need to shed a few lbs (me more than him) and I need to quit smoking again (i started again last July with all the stress) He needs to see a heart specialist to see how his ticker is doing (that requires health insurance) there are just alot of health things we need to fix about us and we are going to do that. I think part of our quest is to improve our health and live healthier, natural lives.

Creativity: We are both creative people and have expressed that in various ways in the past. Whether it was the time we were DJ's, my experience in graphic design, making quilts, the jewelry he makes or just the art of Pizza. We both find happiness in expressing our creativity. Our goals definitely have to include expressing ourselves creatively. 

Copper bracelet Ralph made for his daughter

I think that about sums up the "what we want from life" question...

I am linking up to the Home Acre Hop. Im doing this because I would love to make friends with like minded people! so... if your visiting from there, say hello, introduce yourself and your blog... and I would love to have you follow mine.

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Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead said...

Hi Tamara, I'm stopping by from the HomeAcre Hop. I look forward to following your journey on the road to self-sufficiency! I know it looks different to each of us, but we all share some common ground somewhere. :-)

Nancy W said...

Great post! So glad you shared on the HomeAcre Hop! Hope to see you again tomorrow! - Nancy The Home Acre Hop