Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life Goals

I think we are still in the process of redefining and refining our goals in life. It was hard to get a grasp on them when we were just running in one of those hampster wheels to stay ahead while the family of 5 lived with us. Since they have left we have been able to get more on track with budgeting and bill paying. We are looking at what expenses can we reduce and how can we be more self sufficient. and dang it.. that question of what do we want to be when we grow up??? I am getting tired of that question, really!

We have also talked alot about diversifying our income. We have all of our eggs in Ralph's horseshoeing basket and thats a dangerous job. I would feel more comfortable if it were only 50% of the income rather than 90%... however I have no desire to get a traditional job (and i really dont NEED to... if i did NEED to I would)

Ralph, doing what he does...

We have 100 acres. Being from Michigan.. im not used to land just going unused like ours, so Ive been looking into what we want to do with the land. Up until a few years ago we raised quarter horses but the horse market tanked. It has taken us 5 years to accept that! Cattle is the obvious choice of course.. but, I have been looking at what to do and the search lead me to tons of "homesteading blogs" and I have been obsessed and fascinated with them this past week. There are so many things I like about the homesteading concept....

Ralph on Dry Talos Cutterbill

I just found this picture of my husband... I love this picture!

One of the things I have felt reading the homestead blogs is I miss the personal side of blogging. I started this blog when I quit using my myspace blog and planned on blogging about "just life." It morphed into a quilty blog where I only post about quilty things... but... there are days I want to talk about "just life" I want to talk about my garden, my grandkids, things that interest me other than quilting...

so... im going to start doing that so yall... in addition to quilty blogs I'm going to start blogging about this quest of what are we going to do when we grow up and my quest in gardening, canning... livestock... homesteading ect.

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A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

I love that you are expanding your blog content! I love reading about other people's goings on outside of crafting.
And I am seriously jealous of your land. We are totally townies who dream of country life but wouldn't even know where to begin. :)