Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Finishes

Wow January went by way to quickly. But it was the best month in a loong time. No I didn't stay focused... in fact I hardly sewed and I did mail one package out really late. Im soo sorry... but it seems like life changed daily and it just kept getting better and better. Ralph and I tried to stay up with the pace... but it was overwhelming at times.

For those who are new. The last year has been trying. My husbands sons both started doing methamphetamine. These were two boys making 25 bucks an hour as construction linemen. Smart hard working charming fathers who I wouldn't have given you 10 cents for when they were doing these drugs. We got custody of a 2 yr old grandchild last year, then in august the other one was arrested and once out of jail, moved in with his family of five. they lived here for 6 months.

I have been miserable for 6 months. I love them, I love the grandchildren... but i did not love sharing my home and life with them. I think over the last 6 months my husband and I took turns sinking into horrible depression then just being angry, then just resignation that until he could get it together... we were stuck.

I knew both boys were beating the drugs. They were no longer doing them and it was as if the one living with us was fighting himself every day. He messed up his life the worst... it may take years to get back on the track he was on. At the same time I just wanted to shake him and say... get the heck over it, you have a family to support. you need to put your big boy panties on and go do it!

the new year came... slowly things started getting better. They all had a different attitude... a little more hope.

CPS closed my grandsons case. His dad is free of drugs and did what was required for him to get his child back. I cant tell you how proud I am of his dad. They live right next door and he will still be dropping him off every day while he goes to work so we will still see ALOT of the little guy. But his dad accomplished a miracle in cleaning himself up and doing right. There have been times that i have wondered if the drugs didn't do permanent damage to him. He was just not "right" in the head. Hard to explain but he wasn't right. But these past 3 weeks... he has been as normal as apple pie.

Then the family of 5 that was living with us moved out. As quickly as they moved in, they moved to my daughter in laws mothers house and he already has a job. 6 months!! We supported them for 6 months and within a week of moving out he is working. I have mixed feelings about that one. But it was time. I guess he put the big boy panties on and he got a job, not doing lineman work (he messed that opportunity up too badly) but a paying job non the less.

So... have I done anything towards my goals. Kinda... I have a flimsie made from Bon Jovi concerts. (including Dublin and Sydney) Im not picturing it till its done, I dont want to ruin the reveal for my customer.)

I finished 2 baby quilts:

I used the moda bakeshop pattern "simply woven" for this. Let me tell you if your 1/4 in seam is not perfect... this block will let you know!!! The fabric is upcycled sheet for the white and a jelly roll that I got for Christmas. 

Then another simple vintage sheet baby quilt from 4 1/2 in squares. I sell these quickly in my etsy store and I need to keep them in stock.

and a bunch of these sewn....

Im paper piecing them and I finally have my system down for mass producing them. It seemed like they were taking forever to get even one of the 4 pieces you see done. I now have my piles of precut scraps for the 4 pieces and its moving quicker.

 but that is as close as I got and soon.... soon I will be back in my sewing room but for now Im cleaning and enjoying OUR home. Im sitting by the fire on really cold days (no heat in the sewing room) and my husband and I have reclaimed our kitchen and are cooking some kick butt meals. 

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Missy Shay said...

I love your quilts, especially the simply woven one! My sister has an off again and on again drug problem. She has been clean for 8 years now and I still pray for her daily. I am so glad your boys are getting their lives back on track.