Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ive been lost in thought

Have i shared with yall that I have a wonderful and supportive husband? yep i do! I am at another one of those crossroads in my life, (did i have any idea at 21 when i declared what I wanted to be when I grew up that I would come to so many crossroads where I had to make that decision again??)

Im on the left - at 21

I had determined I want to do something with sewing, fabric, quilting, something that I love from home. Etsy is the place for me right now... but I was getting frustrated because I was not being disciplined (as i usually am) and I was not doing what I wanted to do. I have been struggling with this for about a month and then I realized that with his son, daughter in law and 3 additional kids in the house... the place for me is NOT working a stay at home business... i HATE being at home. I know, hate is such a strong word... but i do mean hate. We are both miserable with this arrangement and we are biding our time till they leave. That is not to say that I don't LOVE them or our grandchildren. I do very much... i love the little zombies to death. I just HATE sharing my home with anyone...

Waylon and Tristan... my superheros ...  that is the first quilt i finished on the bed!

So... for now, Im working at home when I can stand it.. I'm making a few sales... I'm sewing when I just can't stand that I haven't been creative in a while... and I'm going to post when the spurts of creativity happen... but, for now... im not really WORKING at what I want to do. Ralph and I have discussed it, for now I am going with him horseshoeing when I am needed (and when I'm not because I enjoy being with him) and I'm going to continue to work for his daughter at the pizzeria. Most importantly I'm going to quit beating myself up because i didn't accomplish what i wanted to do yet.... Im going to enjoy what I am doing.... 

Today I didn't have to work anywhere else and i was itching to be creative so I worked on some Christmas items to sell. I rarely buy novelty or seasonal fabric... but the denim was calling me.... here are my creations for today. (ralph and i ended up babysitting the kids so I managed to accomplish something with kids! I'm happy!)


Michelle said...

I think you get an amazing amount of creative work accomplished. I have one toddler, 13 months, and if I sew 15 minutes I consider it a good day. I've also allowed people to live with me while they got back on their feet...its hard at best. I'm glad you will keep at it as you can. I enjoy reading your blog, its one of my favorites. You make reclaimed fabric beautiful and usable again. Your writing is down to earth and interesting. Please check in even if you don't have anything creative to report. :) Michelle

Molly said...

I hear ya sista! I'm at an odd point now ... looking for a new house and feeling unsettled where I am. Looking forward to the future and a new home and new spaces but for now it's hard to be creative when I'm out of sorts.

I'm sure you are making a huge impact on your grandkids and that is something that will last forever. Hopefully your family will be self-sufficient very soon and you can all get a break.