Friday, July 5, 2013

sweet shazam!

With the holiday and the grand children, I slowed down on the ufo progress but I did finish one more cutie.

I made this one from my vintage sheet scraps (most of them are for sale in my etsy store) I really wanted this one to be a bigger quilt but I couldn't find the rest of the HST pieces!! Since i was in the process of tidying up when I decided to finish it, doesn't surprise me! It was big enough for a baby quilt so I pieced together what i had and went with it. Since it wasn't what i planned, i really didn't have a name for it.... till i was quilting it. Im showing my age with the name "Sweet Shazam" the zig zag reminded me of shazam for some reason but it was so pretty it had to be sweet shazam!

for those of you too young or old to remember shazam... here you go.... it was about 1974....

I also made curtains and a dish mat for my kitchen but no pictures yet of those!

Not bad for having 4 grandchildren staying with me all week. I didn't quite finish as much as i wanted but I did get more organizing and cleaning done!

I am linking up to finish it up friday at Crazy Mom Quilts.

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