Friday, July 12, 2013

a new Friday goal

Ive posted the last couple "Finish It Up Fridays" at Amanda Jeans and it has given me something to work towards and to shoot for... so... I am setting the goal of posting something at least 3 fridays out of the month!

Today it is another orphan table runner. The pinwheel blocks were for a baby quilt for a little boy who is now a teen and when I was unpacking some fabric I found the blocks. Opps... that was a long ago UFO. Now it is a pretty table runner (and I made a table topper)!

The denim looking fabric, im not sure where it came from, either a yard sale or someone gave it to me... the yellow was a recent stash acquisition.. I needed some yellow.

The back is a piece of sheet that I had.

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On the family front. We have had Dallas' family visiting from Alabama this past week. Dallas is Ralph's oldest daughter. The grand children are getting older, Leah towers over me now! It was a nice visit, mostly here at the restaurant. I like dallas and the kids. Maybe because they are drama free for us, we aren't all involved in the day to day workings of their lives like the kids that live here! lol.

Travis is doing better. He is going to counseling now and he said the guy is teaching him coping skills. Im not sure if hes telling us what we want to hear or if he is really being reached by the counseling. He still seems to be doing better and I am hopeful that trend will continue!

Im probably going to have the other three grand children again for some time this week. Buck still hasn't found a job. I think this situation is going to get alot worse before it gets better.... I am praying he pulls himself out of the tailspin.

Caty is stressed running the restaurant. The electric company gave her a whopper of a bill this month (last month was only 14 days, this month they billed for 44... does that seem crazy?) So im worried about her. She is making some of the mistakes i made and i don't want to see her do that! But she is also her fathers daughter and you cant tell her anything!!! lol! so we are sitting back watching her struggle. The mistakes aren't earth shattering thank goodness, she can recover from them... its just hard to watch someone you love so stressed out and you cant help.


Yvonne Campbell said...

Cute table runner.

Nicole said...

Great idea to give new life to the orphan blocks!

Love Of Quilts said...

Love the pinwheels.

Anonymous said...

Very nice table runner. Hope things with the family settle down and you enjoy some great times with your littles.