Wednesday, January 30, 2013

finishes and more WIP's for Wednesday

Photo shoot gone wrong!!! I had some finishes to show first but... well its a windy cloudy day here in Texas and when i went to take pictures at the gazebo on the town square today, i had some problems.... this picture says it all... quilts blowing, grey sky, and this is the only picture i got because the camera battery died! (see the pile of quilts on the bench though... i have 4 finishes to show!!! so....all we have is a bad shot of the vintage sheet baby quilt that will be for sale on etsy tomorrow! This means i may have to do another post and actually post more than once every 2 weeks!

So what WIP's have i been working on??? These are inside photos... were good here!!!

plaid shirts throw - I know, so simple and easy, its the same 8" block that i did the vintage sheet throw in. Ralph and i have a 12" block plaid shirt quilt on our bed and i just love the simplicity of it. Here is some "process" for you. I used to lay them out and arrange and rearrange them to get a "random" look. But half the time i mess those up and quite frankly im lazy! I hate getting up and sitting down to sew then getting up to get the next batch... so lately I have just been sewing them in two's then a row of 4 then i will arrange and rearrange those on the floor next to me so i dont get any of the same too close together. Anyone else lazy like that???

Plus quilt - I was inspired a while back by a bunch of plus quilts that were showing up. While trying to control my scrap pile I started cutting one plus from everything (4 1/2" squares). I ended up with a pile of them and now im putting the rows together. This one is going to have one of two names. Either Sally, short for Seamripper Sally because those first couple rows i used my seamripper alot... or its going to be called "the way i remember them" Why that... because it is scrappy, scrappy scrappy and not matchy matchy matchy and that is how i remember my moms quilts! As i was sewing today, i wondered if my mom thought about the same things i think about when she sewed. I guess i felt a connection to her today... lol... i wonder if i made piecing something like this as tough on her as my 18 mo old grand baby did on me, she kept taking off with the pieces!

I still have another vintage sheet quilt that im working on, its the stars and i stalled, not sure what kind of border im going to use. I did start these little 9 patches this week. Im not sure where they will end up, either a baby quilt or a queen size very low volume quilt... i just like making 9 patches and i love how these vintage sheet patches are turning out. I am using a fine muslin sheet for the white and it has the most wonderful texture!

I need more stock for my etsy store so i am going to make some smaller items this week. I whipped up some of these (vintage sheets for girls, plaid shirts for boys) My grandbabies love the blocks i made them, they have been washed a gazillion times and hold up great! (these are actually alyssa's in the picture)

Im also thinking about stuffed animials, table toppers, table runners, more napkins, pillow covers... im not sure where the wind will take me but i am enjoying my days at home sewing.

lol, i just noticed the trash can in the background of this picture. More photo shoot gone bad pics!!! I hate grey skys and cant wait for the sun to come back out!!!

As usual on wednesday im linking up with Lee's WIP Wednesday fun!

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