Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Simpler life and Spring

It hasn't been much of a winter in East Texas, not surprising since we had the hottest and driest summer on record last year. This winter we have seen some rain but its been unusually warm. (our pipes didn't freeze once this winter, usually we have to fight the freeze 3 or 4 times a winter!)

Spring has me wanting to do yard work. I spent all day Sunday cleaning up the yard, burning the burn pile of tree limbs i trimmed last summer (it had been piled for over a year because of burn bans). and then trimming trees and making a new pile! lol. Ralph every spring used to pick up flats of flowers on his way home from horseshoeing but he hasn't the last few years because we have been so busy. I asked if he would again this year so today when i get home there should be some pretty flowers to start planting.

Spring has me wishing i didn't work so much and i could spend more time doing other things. I find i can be Queen of Zippys or Queen of my house, but i cant be both and for two years i have ignored the house for zippys. I find myself today struggling with wanting to be Queen of my home and not here at zippys. Yesterday i took the afternoon off and went home to mow my lawn. I got most of the front done before i ran out of gas.

I also did some plumbing repairs. Last year i ran a water line to one of the horse lots. (beats lugging a hose back and forth between them.) BUT... this big goofy horse....

has a fascination with water hoses and he broke the water line while playing with the short hose from the faucet to the trough! We got home the other night to a flooded driveway and yard because of his shenanigans! He really is a goof ball, very playful and very curious. Makes him lovable but boy can he get into some trouble! I repaired the line to that pen and ran another line off of it to the front pen. Im so proud of myself for finishing these... we have talked for years about how wonderful it would be to have waters at each lot.
There is so much i want to accomplish at home to make it a nice home for us and for the kids and grandkids to visit... but i put blinders on each night we go home because there is no way i can with what time and money i have. Its frustrating and overwhelming... but there is something about spring that screams to me that it is time, it is time to start living life and doing those things i want to do!

Then i somehow ended up on a "simpler life" blog line today. Let me just say having grew up in farmland and living on a ranch... there is nothing "simple" about raising your own food and not relying on preprocessed food from the grocery store so the "simple" part of that trend kinda makes me smirk. Simple is going to the grocery store and buying a carton of yogurt... not simple is getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to milk bessie so that you can make your own!  BUT i do understand the desire to do these things and all the work that goes along with it.

all this has me wanting something other than what i have today. I would love to stay home more, plant a garden, spend some time sewing, finish the remodeling jobs in my house. I would love to be outdoors and take care of the animals and fix fences and water lines. I would love to be a grandma that can babysit grandbabies and have them come visit me. I would love for our sundays to be filled with family instead of us spending the little time we have maintaining our lives outside of zippys.

I really am wanting more and im trying to decide what to do about it. We have been working 12-15 hour days 6 days a week. We are avoiding paying payroll this way and we are maintaining quality and excellence at zippys which is important to us. BUT... im thinking the time has come to hire again. To find at least one or two employees that can give us some time off for balance. the question is where is the money going to come from and how do we find employees as committed to excellence as we are... but i think its time to find a way to give me at least one other day off. One other day to be queen of my home.

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