Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kidnapped... maybe... maybe not...

This isn't quilt related but i have to get something off of my chest.

There was a story that broke last week about a woman who kidnapped a child 8 years ago and that she and the child had been found. This story shocked me to my core. The "kidnapper" is a woman that has worked for me on and off for three years. i knew she had a child that her mother was raising the age of the kidnapped child, so i knew the child was most likely the missing child, but i knew in my heart there was more to the story. Krystle is a kind, sweet girl and she wouldn't hurt a flea. She isn't a drug head like people want to believe, and she isn't some monster. She is a happy go lucky girl with a beautiful smile and a joyful, christian heart.

So this is what i do know. She worked here in 2009 when we first opened. I hired her and 3 of her cousins. The cousins all quit or got fired, but we kept her because she had a good work ethic and was good with customers. At some point in the beginning we all stood around talking about babies and she showed us a picture of a cute little 5 yr old that she claimed was hers. Now the police have asked if she claimed it like he was her biological child or not... i don't know what was in her heart, i know i talked about a child that i consider MINE who lived with me for a year, but I'm not his biological mother. She told me her mother was raising him. Since she was young, i figured it was best.

Sometime that year or in 2010 she got pregnant and the first trimester was really hard on her. We had to let her go because she couldn't get through a shift without getting morning sickness and wanting to go home.  Krystle brought the baby by to see us after she had him and has been an acquaintance since.. the kind of acquaintance that you stop and talk to in the grocery store. Her baby is an adorable, animated kid.

About 8 months ago, we were ready to hire again and she had asked for her job back. I hired her back. She has been working with me since but about 2 months ago she started getting sick again, and we all knew she was pregnant. We stopped scheduling her till after the first trimester. A week before she was arrested she told us she was over the morning sickness and wanted to come back to work till she had her baby and i was ready to schedule her.

Then we got the news that Monday night and i was in total disbelief. Like i said, i knew there was more to the story....

What local people told me off the bat is the woman gave her the baby. That they didn't file kidnapping charges because the biological mom wouldn't cooperate with the investigation. What i deducted and decided was truth is that the woman gave her the baby... at some point she wanted it back and Krystle and her family wouldn't give him back. Bio mom went to the police and when she decided it was too much trouble for a few more food stamps, she stopped cooperating.

As news broke, i have watched it. the police reported she has "evaded" police for 8 years. Well she worked here under her real name, got food stamps under her real name, went and bailed her brother out of jail using her real name... she hasn't been hiding anything. They say she isn't cooperating. When i talked to the police i asked if she had an attorney yet, they said no, they haven't appointed one yet. my response was... then she doesn't HAVE to cooperate does she? Get her an attorney so that she CAN cooperate. They say she has been hiding the baby in San Aug for all this time. NO... the only time she has had this child was over the summer, her sister had brought him up here and she had him for a week or two. She brought him in to meet us, i saw her in the grocery store with him... if she has been hiding him here all this time why did she suddenly bring him out of the closet?

So the baby was found, Krystle's sister had him and turned him in. She claims she didn't know he was kidnapped, which... I'm not sure Krystle even thought of him as kidnapped since momma gave him to her. Bio momma shows up on the news crying (well kinda) and saying she missed her baby and was praying he'd come back to her. Things are not looking good for Krystle at this point, comments on stories were breaking my heart. People were calling her a monster. I wanted to scream, i know this girl and shes not a monster. Its just not in her... its not a case of the neighbor saying "he seemed like a nice man, before he murdered his whole family" no... i know in my heart that she is a good person with a good heart.

OH... and Cunningham from the local police department... said in an interview "she calls the child dirty" ugh, i wanted to scream with this too. Its just a nickname and the chief of a city that is 80 percent black should know that is just a cultural thing. There are three grown men in this town that go by the nickname dirty. My dishwasher is Huggy. Krystle's nickname is Black. Its like a white kids parents nicknaming him Bubba. Cunningham did it well though because in the American public's eye they could see this woman abusing the child, degrading him and locking him in a closet. But its NOT that... its just a nickname said with love and affection!

I tried to see her a couple times. The chief said i could come down and he would let me but every time i did he was in "interviews" and i couldn't get in to see her.

But today... finally a new light is shining on the case. A family came forward that is raising biological mommas other children. There are 4 other children that this woman gave to them. It was just supposed to be for a few weeks, but that has turned into 8 years and biological momma hasn't even bothered to call or see how the kids were doing. (far cry from her story on one show that her and her children would pray every night that he would come back to them) They said they don't think the child was kidnapped, that momma gave Krystle the baby. They are also filing for custody of the child so that he can grow up with his other siblings. Thank God there is someone who does know the truth. Someone who knows who the real monster in this story is.

I had to get this off my chest. Krystle sat at my thanksgiving table with her boyfriend and 2 year old. She is a good girl, she is a good mother with a beautiful child of her own and one more on the way. Did she do it right? not really, they should have gone to cps and gotten custody of the child 8 years ago when momma abandoned him... but do i understand why a young black woman from a small southern town that is 80 percent black but doesn't employ one black police officer didn't want to go to CPS or the police? yeah, i understand why.

Please keep Krystle, her family and these children in your prayers.

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Wow Tam!...there is always 2 sides to every story! I'll certainly add them to my prayer list!