Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wow! its been a while!

Ok between my computer screen being broken and the fact that we left our camera in a friends car, so it took a trip across Texas... i haven't had anything to post! But... as if karma... i finished a quilt here at zippys today, AND the camera finally arrived in the mail.... so i have another FINISH! woo hooo...

lol... so the photos aren't the greatest, my battery died while taking them... but darn it its been so long i want to post anyways!

this one is for Bridgette. She is Travis' other half and momma to one of the recent grand babies. I started this one in January, inspired by a box of scraps someone gave me... they were so small most of the squares i got from it were 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 but i spent 2 weeks cutting squares out of it!

 I used the 2 1/2 squares for this one, the yellow background is a sheet.

It is kinda flannelish, but not.. its just soft. The blue border is another sheet and the back is made from 2 vintage sheets i had. I just L-O-V-E this one!!

So... another one bites the dust... (I'm an 80's girl)

I have finished: Ralph, Trinity, Destiny, Alyssa, Tristin, Sharon, Bridgette, Waylon, Wesley, Chris, Coleman and Buck... I have finished 12 of the 23! I am seriously doubting that i will get the next 11 ALL done, but here is where I'm at:

Caty: just finished borders and back this morning, will start quilting tomorrow.

Jess: i am half finished with his back, should have it done by Friday and can quilt it over the weekend (its an easy one)

Trevor and Landon: borders... i just have to sew the borders on and then i can quilt them both. They are twins so it shouldn't take but a day or so to finish them

If i could finish all of these by Sunday... i may just make it!!

Jonathan: i have an easy peasy plan for his back, the denim part is finished.

Travis: another easy peasy back and i still have to sew the denim together for him.

Faith and Harley: I have pieces of both sewn together, shouldn't take much to finish and quilt them

Adrianna and Dallas: both are HST's and i have all of the HST's sewn into squares... shouldn't be that much work!!!

Lea: have an idea now of what I'm making but I'm going to have to buy fabric to do it and money is tight, hopefully next week i can swing it. It will only take a few hours to make if i can get the fabric!!!

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