Friday, November 4, 2011

More Friday Finishes!

Can you you believe I was in Houston this week and i did NOT go to the International Quilt Festival!! I was so bummed, we just didn't have time. We live 3 hours from Houston, we had to go pick up restaurant equipment down there and we were leaving early enough that i could have went and looked around 3 hours or so.. but the life of owning a restaurant, my sales person didn't get my cheese on the truck and i had to run  to Lufkin to get it or we would have been without cheese all day! You just cant make pizzas without cheese! So... there went the quilt show. I am going next year... I'm taking time off work, staying a night or two and I'm going!

But its "Finish It Friday" So... i have 1 finish to post. (and an almost!)

If your new to my blog, I am making quilts for everyone in my boyfriends family for Christmas. One for him, 4 sons, 2 daughters, 2 son-in-laws, 3 daughter-in-laws, 6 grand-daughters and 5 grand-sons.

For the sons and son-in-laws I am making denim throws with different backs. I am really using this to explore a more modern quilt side of me and I'm really enjoying it. For me its coming out with more solids and large geometric patterns (ok, i admit... I'm doing large geometric patterns so that i can finish them quicker as well) I really like how both of these turned out.

First is Son-in-law Chris and I'm calling it "Connections" I had planned on connecting the rows of snowballs as well but it just wasn't looking how i had it planned in my head so i just pieced them together.

Chris is kinda a complicated deep type person and i think the colors in this really go with that. I also think he is one of the guys who is secure enough with his masculinity that i could include some florals in it (trust me, some of the younger ones commented that the baby quilt for Tristan had a floral in it!) Chris is married to Dallas and he has been in the Coast Guard for i think about 15 years. He is looking at retirement soon! They just moved from Albuquerque NM to Mobile AL and they are closer now so hopefully we will see more of them!

The grey was a sheet i bought at a yard sale and i love how it looks with the deep reds that were in one of those "i don't quilt anymore" boxes. I had several fat quarters to use.

Almost finished one is for son Coleman. I'm calling this one "Quatro Cajas" and i should have pictures of it next Friday.

So on the denim, i have 2 finished, one I'm quilting, two I have the denim part done and the last is still a pile of denim squares.

I also pieced the back to Bridgette's queen sized postage stamp quilt. I had some problems with this one because i am running out of large chunks of fabric to work with. I should have this one finished next week too.

The other two I'm working on is Trevor and Landon with the flying geese border. I have decided i do NOT like flying geese borders! way too much cutting, sewing, cutting, ironing, sewing, cutting, ironing, sewing... and more sewing! I think i have enough for one of them to have flying geese...

Ive decided the other one will have triangles, kinda a broken dishes thing going on... SOOOO much easier!

Hopefully i will have a couple more finishes for next week!!

For now... I'm going home! I didn't get to post this until after we closed because we had such a busy Friday night! I worked so hard, i feel like my shoulder is going to fall out of its socket!

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Belinda said...

Hi Tamara....thanks for your visit to my blog yesterday. Yes, livestock feed is VERY high this year. It was soooo hot our corn crop did not pollinate very good so we swathed it and baled it and it was sold to one of the dairies. So far we have not had to sell any of our cattle, we finally got our second inch of rain here a few weeks ago and that helped bring up the wheat we had planted for grazing!! I know it must have been hard to let go of your horses, so sorry!
Looks like you are up to some wonderful quilty fun though!! Lookin' good!!