Sunday, June 5, 2011

finally a pic of the finish!

This one is for Grand baby Tristan Gauge Hampton. He will be born on June 20th. Mamma's had alot of complications and we didn't expect him to be full term... but he made it and hes going to be a healthy bouncing baby boy!

I also have to include pictures of the latest additions to the ranch.

Meet Guinevere and Czar. Guinevere is the grey in the background. A few weeks ago, we were feeding after work and there was this grey horse in the pasture being really friendly. I was tired, it was dark, and I was just trying to get the water trough full... so she was annoying me! It took a minute to register.. we dont have a grey horse in this pasture! We think someone dumped her at our place knowing we would take care of her.We haven't tried to ride her but my guess is she is ridable. She is really friendly and curious and loves people.

Czar is a rescue race horse. One of ralphs horseshoeing customers had adopted him but she now has cancer and needed a new home for him so we went today and picked him up. Hes a nice friendly guy and to see him run is breathtaking, so smooth and beautiful!  The really sad thing, Czar has never lived in a pasture with grass... he didn't know what it was. he is now going to have 80 acres to run free and graze on... that makes me happy.

This makes three horses we have "rescued" in the last year. We have 24 or so now and were trying to reduce the herd, not grow it... but it doesn't seem to be working.

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A.J. Dub. said...

You all are so sweet!