Monday, June 10, 2013

Goal Setting

Amazing when you set goals what happens. I used to be a sales person and it worked the same way there... ok, so i didn't always reach the goals but i did come alot closer than i would have without them!! lol... i really hated being a sales person by the way!!!

The goals I had set:

Finish piecing liberty! It is pieced and it is georgeous. I was going to buy the fabric for the borders but i folded this peice that was upcycled (used to be the living room curtains) and i thought... darn it this is perfect for the border!!  I still have to put that on but i really cant wait to start quilting this one... and yes im still debating hand quilting.

next goal was to finish one of the table toppers or table runners that i started. It took a while because i started and ripped out the quilting... but here we have it. I really need to get over this "matchstick" quilting kick im on because it takes a huge amount of thread and time. But isn't it beautiful... i do love it.

The blocks were left over hst's from a quilt i have pieced but not quilted yet... hmmm maybe a goal should be to finish that!!!

The next goal was to quilt and bind the cowhand quilt....

cowhand is quilted.... binding in process, should be done tomorrow. This is the cowhand quilt because the shirts are just shirts cowhands would wear. I was going to sell this one but I decided to put a scrappy binding on it and use it as our beach blanket because i didn't have one. Now I just need to make a bag from the plaid shirts and i will be all set for summer!

Put new listings on etsy... I said 6 and i put 6, renewed 2 and put a reserve listing for a quilt!! woo hoo i did it!

Goals until we meet again... hmmmm

1. finish another table topper or table runner that is started. Next it is a small striped shirt table topper that is almost finished.

2. put the borders on Liberty... i really dont want to stall on this one because i can't wait to put it on my bed!

3.  make another small table topper or runner and finish it for the store.

4. put 6 more listings on etsy!

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La MaƱosa said...

These are great! I really like the dense quilting on the table runner. I can understand the problem of time and thread, though. Maybe best saved for small projects.