Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ive been sewing!

I am having so much fun making stuff to sell in my store! wow. Who would have thought that, it took me a year to get my courage up to try to make something and now that i have, im going to town.

I love cloth napkins.... so of course they were first.....

This yellow set is so cute. Ok, i have to get better at the pictures, i can see that!

but these little gems of cuteness i love. Sharon asked for a set for her and sophie to have tea parties with!

they are 5 1/2 in square and washable. I can think of so many uses!

and today i have started working with the plaid shirts... i am making a baby quilt to put on there!

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Michelle said...

Your cloth napkins are so fun! I love the prints. I am new to your blog and just finished reading all of it. I think you have me sold on scrap quilts and vintage sheets. My husband was pleased to hear it. He doesn't "get" buying new fabric to cut into small pieces. :) Thanks for writing your blog and sharing your sewing adventures!