Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time to head to the border!

No... were not going to Mexico...i just have a ton of borders to put on so i can finish some quilts. I don't know what it is about borders, my second least favorite thing to do (after squaring up hst blocks) is borders.

But... Drum roll please..... Happily Ever After is in one piece and ready for borders. Granny squares has a name, its Happily Ever After since I'm going to give it to Ralph as a wedding gift. I am planning a little tan border then some blue that he likes for the outer border.

I did finish the borders of ___'s Flower Garden. (Since she reads my blog i cant put her name here because its a gift and i don't want to ruin the surprise.) I am going to pin it and quilt it this weekend and hopefully have it in the mail soon (and yes i have more than one person who reads my blog that is due for a gift that i would mail, so i didn't ruin the surprise!) I like how the borders turned out. Ralph actually gets the credit for the border selection. I was going to just do the blue but he told me before i even got it on that it would need a brighter border after that and he was exactly right.

Landon and Trevor's Paw Paw Kisses... oh boy... have we seen these before. I have had them finished other than borders since before Christmas and i swear i will not work on, hmm start another quilt till i get these borders on! lol... i really do need to finish them.

What else is still in the works...

Travis' Star... I did a little of the hand binding but not alot. Its the first of the month so that means were busier than usual. The 2nd and 3rd week... that's when I'm looking for projects to do while at work!

Stephanie's Stars... totally put on hold due to my granny square fever.

Dallas' soar.... I'm still working on squaring up blocks. I am seeing progress on the pile.. in fact i think the squared pile is bigger than the pile i have to do yet!

Orange Crush.... I started this a while ago for myself and decided it needs to be one that i work on again soon. We went to the beach last weekend and i decided i need a good beach blanket and Orange Crush is gonna be it.

Ok... so there are about 6 or 7 others that I'm working on... but i think if i go on i will overwhelm myself... so we will stop here. Hopefully i will have more progress next week.

One thing getting in the way of the quilting progress is we have been spending the weekends doing research. We need to open another store and we are looking for a location for it... or we may do something totally unexpected and crazy... but either way, although we are making money with the one store, we both would like to make more! (and were workaholics)

Last weekend we went to Crystal Beach or Boliver Peninsula and looked around. It was hit by a hurricane in 09 and we were hoping it had rebuilt more than it has. I also wish it had more of a "town square" than it does. I don't think that is what were looking for so next weekend were going on another fact finding mission somewhere else... not sure where... We will have our minds made up by the time of the wedding... that's all we have decided so far. (still... its taking alot of my quilting time... Sundays were my days to sew and i don't get to do that when were hitting the road!)

Just have to throw this in here too... i decided to get adventurous with a dessert at the store. This is my Mexican Mocha Cake:

I haven't perfected the recipe yet... but when i do I will share. Its baked like a cheesecake... but it has no cheese and no flour in it. (but it does have a touch cayenne to make it interesting!)
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Wendi said...

Wow, you do have a bit of granny square fever, but it suits you just fine as all three of these quilts are beautiful! : )

SuperMomNoCape said...

So many pretty quilt tops, I can't decide which is my favourite of them all. And I have trouble with borders too... mainly deciding what would look best. Once I get past that decision, I'm good to go.