Saturday, October 26, 2013

OctoberQuest #4

Yeah! the finish is actually on my goals list!

I had started doing two x five strips of red, blue and yellow 2 1/2 in squares.... i dont even remember their purpose or what i was going to make with them... i just had about 10 of them done.

In my quest to rid myself of unfinished projects taking up space... i made them into this....

the border was a blue sheet (same one i am using in the plaid quilt) and the back was a sheet I bought at a yardsale.

Partially why i finished this one is because i am out of my go to peicing color of thread.... im waiting for my shipment of thread and batting from connecting threads. I had blue... blue quilting would work!!

Oh no! I was out of the red and white stripe I use on all of these red and blue projects. I had some of this red and white vine... I think it works!

Other things i have been working on. I didn't use Beth's border exactly... i decided to use the extra 4 patch blocks I had... but i like how it turned out.

My pile of ready to be quilted is growing. They go in this pile when there is a flimsy, a back and binding prepared!! (i have a whole tub of ready to be quilted flimsies... without the back and binding)

Just to keep track of my quarterly goals:
  • Darla's Quilt
  • 2 Tshirt Quilts
  • Riding out the Storm (ready to be quilted pile)
  • Home Grown Tomatoes
  • Twin Vintage Sheet
  • Liberty
  • Dallas' Soar
  • HST Vintage Sheet Throw
  • Orange it Great
  • Red, Blue and Yellow 2 1/2 in squares
  • Square Dance
  • Cloth Napkins
  • Train Wall hanging
  • Plus Quilt
  • Vintage Star Quilt
things I've started that weren't on the list:
  • jellyfish for Audrey (ready to be quilted pile)
  • chevron and on for Joey (ready to be quilted pile)
  • plaid monster for Ralph and I (ready to be quilted pile)
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Newbie Jen said...

Way to go! Lovely runner.

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Very pretty runner Tamara! Congratulations on the finish. Hugs,

Sewing Mom said...

The runner is lovely and I think the red/white vine goes very well!